Car drivers

Whether you’re travelling alone or with children and friends, a frequent or occasional passenger on HVV services, we have the right offer just for you - and the right ticket.

Young manIn the following pages we’d like to convince you of the advantages you enjoy when travelling HVV. If you don’t yet know about us visit the section "Introductory Overview of HVV Services" to obtain a full picture of our service offer.

Seamless combination

Park your car conveniently at any of our P+R car parks in the HVV service area. Then switch to one of our public transport services and let us drive you to your destination – safely and reliably. Use the free time to read or just relax – it’s entirely up to you!

The alternative to a car of your own

As an HVV season ticket holder attractive price savings are offered to you by our co-operation partners in the car sharing- and rentals sector. Click the left-hand menu bar for further information.