Data Privacy and Protection

We are committed to fully respecting and protecting your privacy! However, since using our internet services partly involves the collection and use of personal data we would like to explain to you the way in which we handle such data.

Collection and processing of personal data

In principle, of course, you can make use of the services offered on our website without having to provide us with any personal data. Our knowledge is restricted to the contact data generally arising in any use of the internet. This includes the date of access, the pages you are visiting on our website and your IP address. As an element of the protection of our website against attack from outside, we store IP addresses for a few hours. They are then automatically deleted if nothing suspicious occurs during this time. Otherwise such information is simply evaluated for statistical purposes. There is no way whatsoever in which information can be traced back to a specific user.

Personal data is only collected and processed if you intend to use one of our website options with additional services such as our Newsletter, for example, or the online ticket shop, the HVV Guarantee, the HVV Card, switchh) and enter data required to process your order or instruction in the appropriate forms.

The basic precondition for using these website options with additional services is a MeinHVV customer account, which you use in each case to authenticate your access.

The online ticket shop can also be used without a MeinHVV customer account.

The following website options with additional services are not offered by HVV GmbH, but by specific transport operators:

  • The online ticket shop (Hamburger Hochbahn AG)
  • switchh (Hamburger Hochbahn AG)
  • HVV-Firmenservice (S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH)
  • HVV Card/Ticket (Hamburger Hochbahn AG and DB Vertrieb GmbH)
  • Abo-Karte all year travel pass online (Hamburger Hochbahn AG and DB Vertrieb GmbH)

For these services, HVV GmbH is not the service provider, but only provides a platform for the transport operators and their service partners to offer their mobility options. This consists of their website and their app, in particular the infrastructure of the MeinHVV customer accounts. This means that contracts generated via this platform are exclusively between the specific transport operator or cooperation partner concerned and the individual customer. This division of the roles is also clearly visible during the registration, ordering or reservation-making process. The responsibility for the personal data collected and processed in connection with the use of the website options with additional services under data protection law therefore lies with the transport operators concerned. In this connection, see also the information and explanations on data protection in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) governing the various services offered. 

Certain sectors of the service range offered on the HVV website involve the use of so-called cookies. In such cases information from our web server is stored on your computer and can be read out whenever you revisit our website. This enables us to provide even greater personalisation of the internet services we offer. Cookies are also used in the analysis tool of the adservice provider adform. A cookie is placed whenever you view an advertisement of HVV.

This cookie does not contain any information which would make it possible to identify the user personally. Personal data or data traceable to an individual user is not processed and not stored by adform. You can find further details of the data protection provisions of adform under: http://www.adform.com/site/privacy-policy (new window).

You can configure any standard internet browser so as to be informed on the exact positioning of cookies. This makes the use of cookies clear and simple to understand. You can block the use of cookies at any time; use of the HVV website remains completely unaffected with the exception of the MeinHVV option (see above) in which cookies are essential for the use and personalisation of the respective pages.

Use and disclosure of personal data and restriction to the specified purpose

Whenever we collect, store or use personal data in connection with the services offered on our website, we strictly observe the regulations for the protection of such data applicable in each case. In particular we do not use personal data other than for legally permissible purposes, i.e. when concluding contracts, to protect our own justified business interests as regards the advice and service provided to our customers or to tailor our products to customer needs. This naturally also applies to the use and disclosure of personal data in connection with the website options with additional services offered and run by the transport operators. In this connection, see also the information and explanations on data protection in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) governing the various services offered.

Your rights as a user

In accordance with legally binding obligations we will be glad to inform you on request whether and in which manner we at HVV GmbH have stored any of your personal data. In addition, you may oblige us to correct or delete inaccurate data or delete data whose storage is not permitted or which is no longer required. In particular you can at any time lodge an objection to the use of your personal data for advertising purposes or for market or opinion research purposes. Should you wish to make use of these rights please contact our Data Protection Officer. Please only use the following contact data for enquiries and questions concerning the subject of data protection:

Kai H. Terschüren
Datenschutzbeauftragter der HVV GmbH
Steindamm 94
20099 Hamburg
Telephone: (040) 3257750

In all other cases use the general contact form.

For enquiries and objections in connection with the services offered and run as website options with additional services by the individual transport operators, please contact wherever possible the data protection officers of the transport operators concerned, who are responsible in each case. In order to provide a fast and customer-friendly service in these cases, however, you can also submit these to HVV GmbH. We will then take care of passing on your enquiry to the appropriate person.  

You can find further details on the structure of the HVV here.