Bike + Ride

Set off by bike, find a stand, switch to public transport

Woman on a bicylceAt almost all rapid transit and regional rail stations in the fare rings ABCDE and at the ferry stop Finkenwerder you will find bicycle stands, many of them covered.
On payment of a small fee you can also lock up your bike in special bicycle lockers located at certain stations.

Bit by bit, the Bike+Ride system in Hamburg is growing and growing. By 2025 there are planned to be something like 12,000 bike stands and bicycle lockers available. If you wish to rent such a bicycle locker in Hamburg please phone the service provider P+R Betriebsgesellschaft on Tel. 040/3288-2553.
In Hamburg responsibility for all other bicycle stands is assumed by the borough or district councils.
Outside the city please contact your local municipal authorities.