For companies and institutions

Corporate Client Subscription Programme (GKA)

The Corporate Client Subscription Programme is a contractual agreement between companies and the HVV. On the base of that, employees can get the very favourable JobTicket, the HVV ProfiTicket.
The scheme can already get up and running from 20 ProfiTicket holders in a company and a small monthly contribution to their travel costs from their employer.

KombiTicket, the entrance ticket with an integrated fare

The KombiTicket offers organizers of musical, cultural and sporting events a valuable service plus for visitors: they can travel to and from the events and arrive relaxed without stress and the hassle of finding somewhere to park.
Also available as an online or mobile KombiTicket for your booking platform.
Find out about the very favourable individual conditions.

Exclusive: our Online Shop for firms and institutions

Buy personalized tickets for your employees, customers or guests the convenient and flexible way online. You can just print out the tickets at your PC or have them sent by email direct to the user. And you save 3 % on single, day and group tickets. Payment of the tickets is via a detailed monthly billing list.