The ProfiCard for companies

The Corporate Client Subscription Programme is a contractual agreement between companies and the HVV. On the base of that, employees can get the very favourable Job Ticket, the HVV ProfiCard.
The tickets are distributed via your HR Department.

The advantages für your company

You enhance employee satisfaction
With the ProfiCard, you can help your employees to make savings of up to 900 euros a year compared with other HVV season tickets.

You gain a competitive edge over other companies  
In the competition to attract new employees, the ProfiCard sends a positive message, perhaps giving you the edge over other companies which do not offer it.

You are making a contribution to protecting the environment
By using public transport you and your employees are supporting an environmentally-friendly mobility culture and your company profits from the positive image that goes with it. 

You are improving your parking situation
It’s not only the situation with parking at the location of your firm which is improved, but you also save money you might otherwise have to pay to rent parking spaces.

You can choose from 3 contract options

GKA 50
For companies with 100 or more participating employees

Your company orders at least 100 ProfiCards.
At least 50% of all employees in your company use the ProfiCard. Certain groups of persons, e.g. part-time workers, shift workers or the field staff, can be excluded from the calculation here. Get in touch with us – we will be happy to help you with your calculation.

GKA plus
Your company orders at least 100 ProfiCards. As employer you subsidize each ProfiCard with a monthly contribution towards the costs of at least 13.86 euros.

GKA extra
Smaller companies can also order the ProfiCard via one of our sales partners if they have 20 or more participating employees. As employer you subsidize each ProfiCard with a monthly contribution towards the costs of at least 13.86 euros and pay a small handling fee to the ProfiCard sales partner you choose.

Why don’t you become a HVV Corporate Client too?

  • The ProfiCards are ordered centrally and issued to your employees by you. The administrative work is kept to a reasonable minimum.
  • The monthly fare money for the ProfiCard is simply deducted at source from the employee’s salary.
  • The ProfiCard is issued once a year, usually by the HR Department. No photo is necessary and the ProfiCard is valid from the date of issue.
  • Existing HVV subscr¡ption season tickets are exchanged by us for ProfiCards free of charge. Your employees can immediately travel at the more favourable ProfiCard tariff.

If you are interested, contact

HVV-Großkundenberatung (Corporate Client Advisory Team)
Marlene Hüsing-Ahrend, Martin Sörensen
S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH
Hammerbrookstraße 44
20097 Hamburg

Telefon: 040/ 39 18 - 39 28
Telefax: 040/ 39 18 - 39 23

Further information – Download service

In order to make introducing the ProfiCard in your company as simple as possible, we have put together this information as a download for you:

Area of validity – HVV tariff area


The HVV tariff area consists of five rings - A, B, C, D and E.
Your employees can choose between a ticket for 3 rings or one for the entire network (fare rings ABCDE):
Rings: ABC
Rings: BCD
Rings: CDE
Fare Rings ABCDE 


Here you can find a selection of the most frequently asked questions in German and English. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!