Tickets for school children (Schülerkarten)

Current prices valid until 31.12.2017, please click here!

Tickets for school children attending local state primary or secondary schools. For all other schools please contact the school secretary or our HVV Infoline on Tel. 040/19 449 to check whether your school is included in the HVV official schools register.

When you purchase any season ticket for school children (Schülerkarte) please present a completed certificate of authorization which has been confirmed by your school. The form required is available at any HVV service centre, often from your school secretary, or via the HVV Infoline on Tel. 040/19 449.

Tip: You can obtain a supplementary sibling ticket (Nebenkarte für Geschwister) for any brothers or sisters in the family if one of you already bought a Schüler-Hauptkarte, the primary ticket for school children. With the supplementary sibling ticket you make a saving of around 25%.

No problem at all – the few steps to your monthly season ticket

An HVV season ticket always consists of a customer photocard and a corresponding coupon indicating the period of validity.

  1. First select the ticket type you require and the area of validity as shown in the HVV Fare Zone Plan. Or enter the mask for our HVV Timetable Information service and let the assistant guide you to the right HVV season ticket just for you.
  2. If you do not yet have a customer photocard we will be glad to issue one to you at any of our HVV service centres. Just bring along a passport photo you’d like us all to see.
  3. Once we have issued your customer photocard and the corresponding coupon indicating the period of validity you are free to travel on HVV services.

That’s all you have to do. The easiest and most convenient way to buy your voucher week for week or month for month is in person at any HVV customer service centre.

Schüler Hauptkarte (primary season ticket for school children)

Schüler Nebenkarte Geschwister (supplementary sibling ticket for brother or sister)

Upgrade ticket per trip

Upgrade ticket for SchnellBus limited stop/1.class services per trip € 2,00 (valid in fare rings ABCDE).

Supplementary ticket

If you intend to travel beyond the area of validity specified on your season ticket you will need to buy a supplementary ticket (Ergänzungskarte).

Period of validity for season tickets

Monthly season tickets are valid during the month specified on the ticket from midnight on the first of the month until services officially terminate on the last day of the month (ie 0600 the following day).

Advance purchase

All season or period tickets can be purchased up to 2 months in advance at any HVV service centre. If you already have a customer photocard the corresponding coupon indicating the period of validity can conveniently be purchased from our season-ticket vending machines.


Season tickets are not transferable.

Sozialkarte (Welfare Ticket)

Hamburg citizens with a Sozialkarte (Welfare Pass) are entitled to a price concession of 20,80 € respectively per month and person paid by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg on HVV monthly season tickets, the Abo-Karte (all-year travel pass) and ProfiCard (Job Ticket). Information on the Sozialkarte is available on the web pages of hamburg.de (new window).

Tickets for school children up to 10th Grade attending schools in the regional states of Schleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and located within the HVV service area

If a pupil up to 10th Grade has to travel a determined minimum distance** between school and his or her home address the Schülerkarte season ticket for school children is paid for by the local county and education authorities. This applies in the counties of Pinneberg, Segeberg, Stormarn, Herzogtum Lauenburg, Stade, Harburg and Lüneburg.
For relatively short distances a 1-zone Schülerkarte season ticket is usually issued (only outside Hamburg AB). If more than one zone is required a Schülerkarte season ticket valid in the entire county is issued to school children.

In the counties Pinneberg and Segeberg the ticket holder is obliged to contribute to the cost of his or her ticket.

Please contact the relevant county for detailed information.

As with all HVV season tickets a Schülerkarte ticket for school children consists of a customer photocard issued for unlimited use (with photo) and a corresponding coupon valid for one school year.

Please order and collect these tickets from your respective school secretary.

If a wider area of validity is required there are two options.

  1. For single trips simply buy an supplementary ticket.
  2.  For more frequent trips you can buy an add-on SchülerPlusTicket at any HVV service centre. To do so please present the Schülerfahrtkarte, your concessionary season ticket. The add-on SchülerPlusTicket is available as a monthly or direct-debit AboKarte travel pass and is only valid in conjunction with your Schülerfahrkarte concessionary season ticket.

** as determined by the respective county

Freizeitpass for leisure-time travel

Is your school just around the corner and a monthly ticket not worth buying? But you’d really like to take a bus or train and visit friends in the afternoon or travel around flexibly at the weekend? Remain independent and still save money – both possible with a leisure-time Freizeitpass: for persons over 15 years of age and only € 7,90 a month. This pass entitles you to buy single or Tageskarte day tickets at the child fare.

The leisure-time Freizeitpass is valid after 1400, at the weekend, on public holidays and all day during school holidays.

Please bring along a certificate of authorization confirmed by your school together with a passport photo.
Your ticket is only valid in conjunction with the certificate of authorization.