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The new 10x Day Ticket

Pay once – save 10 times

Whether you are travelling regularly to the office again or to the gym: with the new 10x Day Ticket you are now getting 10 days travel at a bargain rate.

  • Each one of the 10 tickets is valid up to 6 am the next morning for as many journeys as you like in your chosen fare rings from the moment you activate it.
  • The first day ticket is activated immediately after purchase and you can be on your way directly. 
  • You can then use the 10 day tickets within 30 days flexibly, whenever you need them. Non-activated day tickets will then expire.
  • The new 10x Day Ticket gives you all sorts of freedoms, but it is not transferable and does not allow you to take other persons with you.

And don’t forget: you need to cancel one of the tickets before commencing your journey.

Fares and areas of validity

The 10x Day Ticket is available for the following areas of validity:

Valid in

Price for 10 days use

Hamburg AB


Ringe A, B, C


Ringe A - D


Ringe A - E


Ringe A - F


Fares from: 18.10.2021

N.B.: An upgrade fare is required to use the Sprinter buses and the 1st Class on regional trains.

The 10x Day Ticket in the hvv App


The offer of the 10x Day Ticket is exclusively available in the hvv App. Download it now and start to save money!

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