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In and around Hamburg

In and around Hamburg

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We are celebrating 30 years of the ProfiTicket!

30 days free travel for every new corporate client subscription

More than 3,000 companies are already corporate clients with us. Almost 200,000 ProfiTicket holders can use the value-for-money hvv JobTicket via their employer. We are very happy at 30 years of success and experience in cooperation with companies and organisations. Good reasons to celebrate!

That’s why we are giving away 30 days of free travel for all ProfiTickets of companies who conclude a first-time corporation client subscription agreement between 01.11.2021 and 01.01.2022.

The ProfiTicket means comprehensive, spontaneous mobility across town borders, commitment to protecting the climate and the transition to green transport and a strong argument for staff loyalty.
Even if you only go into work by hvv two days a week, it is usually worth having a ProfiTicket. That means in home office periods (2,94 MB) too or if your job is part-time. (Compare a ticket for fare rings AB with single tickets). Every journey by hvv on top of that is virtually free.

You can profit from the benefits of the ProfiTicket from 20 participants on

  • You save something like 40 % (70,72 KB)  compared with a 24/7 all-year season ticket.
  • Attractive prices if you order a minimum of 20 tickets.
  • A subsidy to the ticket on top is tax-free. The fare money for the ProfiTicket is deducted at source from the holder’s salary. 
  • At weekends and on public holidays you can take 1 other person and up to 3 children aged up to 14 with you free of charge. Your ProfiTicket is even valid then on the entire hvv network (1,05 MB) .

We have put together all the information you need to know to get started on our ProfiTicket website.