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In and around Hamburg

In and around Hamburg


ioki Hamburg - On-Demand Shuttle

Hi Lurup, Hi Osdorf!

You want to get from A to B, and you haven’t got a timetable to hand? With the ioki Hamburg App you can book your journey individually with just a few clicks and pay easily and conveniently by credit card or via Apple Pay for the ticket best suited to your needs or the additional surcharge (if you already have a valid ticket).
Verkehrsbetriebe-Hamburg-Holstein GmbH (VHH) are offering this new on-demand service in Lurup und Osdorf together with ioki, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn in Lurup and Osdorf and can pick you up from an address you give and take you to a bus stop of your choice – or vice versa, no hassle. The benefits at a glance: 

  • there is a bus stop every 200 metres in Lurup und Osdorf
  • Mon-Sun 24/7
  • fares according to the HVV fare system1 + an additional service surcharge per journey  
  • barrier-free travel

1Day tickets and weekly or monthly season tickets and other valid tickets are accepted by just showing them to the driver and only need to be “topped up” for each journey with the surcharge for the ioki service.

The service is available on demand 24/7. Use ioki Hamburg in Lurup and Osdorf: whether you need to go to the Elbe-Einkaufszentrum, DESY or Eidelstedt – you never need to walk more than 200 metres to the next stop.

The on-demand service is an integral part of the HVV fare system and only has a surcharge of 1 € per person and journey on top of the HVV ticket. When you book your journey, state whether you want to buy a ticket + surcharge via the ioki Hamburg App or only the surcharge since you already have an existing ticket.

Frequent travellers

Frequent travellers have a choice of a weekly or monthly ticket for the ioki top-up, a monthly ioki ticket on a subscription basis (which comes cheaper) or an ioki annual season ticket. You can buy these directly via the ioki App, meaning that you can use this convenient service with no restrictions. And if you cannot or do not want to pay by smartphone, you also have the option to transfer the fare money to the VHH from your bank account. You can find details of how to transfer the money here.

Prepaid charge card

As of now you can also pay for journeys with the ioki Hamburg Shuttle via a prepaid charge card. The charge cards with a value of 10 €, 20 € or 50 € are exclusively available at the “Ticket Shop – Hamburger Abendblatt” on the first floor of the ELBE Einkaufszentrum. You can pay cash for them there.

Your credit amount is directly uploaded to the ioki Hamburg App by entering a code. Passengers can then buy the ticket they want in the App.
It is very simple to use:

  1. Just scratch off the grey area on the charge card to view the activation code.  
  2. Enter the code in the ioki Hamburg App.
  3. Book your shuttle journey and off you go!

1. Loading the App

Download the ioki-Hamburg App free of charge in the iOS App Store or from Google Play, store all the information needed and log in.

2. Enter your start point and destination

Enter your start point and destination and we will show immediately which shuttle can pick you up when and where. This will either take you from your exact start address to a bus stop or we will pick you up from a bus stop and take you to the exact destination address - rest assured, we can always find the fastest way to get you where you want to go! If necessary we can navigate you to your final destination via the App when we arrive at the bus stop given as destination.  

3. Booking the journey and paying

You can book your journey as soon as we have located a suitable driver for your enquiry. You can then pay for your ticket and/or the surcharge (if you already have a valid HVV ticket for the journey) directly in the App via a credit card registered with us or via Apple Pay. After that you can follow live in the App exactly where the vehicle you have booked is.

4. During and after your journey

Other passengers with a similar destination may get on during your journey. By pooling journeys in this way we can combine several enquiries, make optimal use of the capacity of our vehicles and thus help to reduce the pressure on the roads and the environment. When you arrive at your destination you can give us feedback on your journey and score us via the App.

Contact us

Would you like to know more? You can find more information about ioki on the ioki-Website.
And if you have any questions or suggestions, just send us an e-mail.