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Komm gut nach Hause

In and around Hamburg

In and around Hamburg


ioki Hamburg - On-Demand Shuttle

Moin Lurup, moin Osdorf!

With our demand responsive transport platform mobility now becomes even smarter: Via our app you can book your ride conveniently and individually, without strict timetables, 24/7 – from station to door or door to station.

In cooperation with the Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH (VHH), we offer this demand responsive transport service integrated in the HVV fare system – so you can buy and use all HVV tickets as usual. Or you just use our in-app online payment method.

This is how ioki Hamburg works

1. Download app

Simply download the ioki Hamburg app for iOS or Android and register.

2. Enter your start and destination address

Enter your start and destination address and we will immediately show you which vehicle can pick you up. You will either be driven from your exact starting address to a (virtual) station near your destination or we will take you from a (virtual) station to your exact destination. However, you cannot decide, which one of the two will be the station, this will be selected by our algorithm – but be sure, we will always find the fastest way for you!

3. Book and pay your ride

Once we have found a suitable driver for your request, you can book your trip and pay directly in the app with your stored credit card or you show a valid HVV ticket directly to the driver. In the app, you can follow the vehicle live on its way.

4. Share your ride

While driving, your vehicle may collect additional passengers who have a similar destination. Through these carpools, we can bundle several travel requests, optimally utilise our vehicles and thus also the roads and relieve the environment.

5. Rate your ride

Once you've arrived, you can give us feedback and rate your ride. Finally, we'll navigate you to your final destination, if necessary

More information on ioki Hamburg

Where does the shuttle service operate?

Test ioki Hamburg in the neighbourhoods of Lurup and Osdorf: whether Elbe-Einkaufszentrum, DESY or Eidelstedt – it will never take longer than 200 metres to the next (virtual) station.

When can I make use of ioki Hamburg?

ioki Hamburg is a 24/7 service available from Monday to Sunday and can be booked conveniently and individually via app. The service is tailored to your personal demand.

How much does ioki Hamburg cost?

The demand responsive transport service is completely integrated in the HVV fare system – you can buy and use short-haul, single and weekly HVV tickets as usual. Or you just use our in-app online payment method.

About ioki 

ioki is a new business division of Deutsche Bahn and dedicated to shaping the mobility of tomorrow with innovative, flexible, and tailor-made digital mobility solutions. Our vision is to make mobility available for everyone and everywhere even without owning a private car, by smartly connecting our new responsive forms of mobility to existing strong public transport modes.

Any Questions?

You can find more information about ioki on the ioki-Website.
If you have any questions or suggestions, send us an e-mail.