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In and around Hamburg

In and around Hamburg


Our services - an overview

On track for where you want to go

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4 underground services (U-Bahn), 6 rapid transit services (S-Bahn), 19 regional train services (R-Bahn) and 3 AKN lines provide fast, direct links (692.59 KB) throughout the Hamburg region - whatever the traffic conditions on the roads may be like.

Underground and rapid transit services (U and S) keep running through the night in the Hamburg urban area at weekends and in the night before a public holiday. Regional trains in some cases offer night-time services at Weekends.

On top of this there is a network of buses with many MetroBus and some StadtBus lines which connect with the rapid transit trains. You can find easily understandable information at all rapid transit stations so that you can find your way around without any Trouble.

Buses come in all varieties


bus-21 (1)

This network within the network – 25 MetroBus lines (583.29 KB) – stands for fast, direct links, reliable connections and services every few minutes. The MetroBus lines run direct connections into the city centre and central districts as well as linking outlying districts without a detour through the centre – and there is no extra charge.

Express bus (SchnellBus)

schnellbus-31 (1)

The rapid transit network is supplemented by 5 Express Bus lines (2.21 MB) (which charge a supplement) and provide direct links from residential areas into the city centre without changing lines.
The remit of the service has changed since it was introduced: passengers wanted further stops to be served, and so the journey time is now about the same as the lines without any extra charge. The main feature of the Express Buses is therefore now extra comfort or service, but the name has stuck.
Express Buses have two-digit numbers from 31 to 37.

City and regional lines (StadtBus and RegionalBus)

regionalbus-4148 (1)

City and regional bus lines can be recognized by their three-digit numbers (outside Hamburg four digits).

Night buses (NachtBus)

nachtbus-601 (1)

U and S-Bahn as well as many MetroBus- und StadtBus lines run through the night for you at weekends. On top of this, there are also several night bus lines, mainly to serve outlying districts and the surrounding communities. Night bus lines always have three-digit numbers from 600.

Shuttle buses (EilBus)

eilbus-62 (1)

Get where you want fast and direct at no supplementary cost– no problem with the 4 EilBus lines (1.51 MB) !
They link housing estates and the nearest U/S rapid transport station – into the city centre in the morning and back out again in the late afternoon.
The EilBus shuttle buses can be recognized by an E and a double-digit line number.


faehre-73 (1)

There are 7 ferry lines (1.98 MB) which run in the port of Hamburg and along the River Elbe. They have double-digit numbers starting with 61. Your HVV ticket lets you “weigh anchor”.
By the way: if you ever feel like taking a cruise along the Elbe or on the Alster just for the fun of it, there is also a wide range of pleasure or party excursions and tours that you can book at Hadag or Alster Touristik. Of course these cost extra: HVV tickets are not valid here.

Dial-a-Ride services (Anruf-Sammel-Taxi / Anruf-Bus / Anruf-Sammel-Mobil)


Dial-a-ride taxis or minibuses, Anruf-Sammel-Taxi (AST), Anruf-Bus (AB) and Anruf-Sammel-Mobil (ASM), are a special demand-responsive mobility service within the HVV framework.
These services are available in certain districts at certain times, giving you on-demand flexible mobility.  Please phone and tell us in plenty of time when you want to travel so that we can arrange transport at the time you wish.

More information on Dial-a-ride services (German only):

In Bergedorf bedient das AST (128.52 KB) zu bestimmten Zeiten die Vier- und Marschlande.

Im Kreis Pinneberg stehen Ihnen außerhalb der Schulzeiten und an Wochenenden einige AST zur Verfügung.
Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie in unserer Fahrplanauskunft.

Im Kreis Segeberg stehen Ihnen einige AST-Angebote zur Verfügung.
Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie in unserer Fahrplanauskunft.

Im Kreis Stormarn stehen Ihnen zahlreiche AST-Angebote zur Verfügung.
Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie in unserer Fahrplanauskunft.

Im Kreis Herzogtum Lauenburg stehen Ihnen zahlreiche AST zur Verfügung.
Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie in unserer Fahrplanauskunft.

Stadt und Landkreis Lüneburg

Im Landkreis Lüneburg steht das ASM nach Betriebsschluss der regulären Busse zur Verfügung.

Zudem können Sie in den Gemeinden Amt Neuhaus, Bleckede und Gellersen/Bardowick RufBusse nutzen. Diese fahren nach festen Fahrplänen, müssen jedoch vor Fahrtantritt online oder telefonisch gebucht werden.

Mit dem AST steht Ihnen im gesamten Landkreis Stade als Ergänzung zu den Busverbindungen ein attraktives Verkehrsangebot zur Verfügung.
Inhaber von HVV-Zeitkarten erhalten eine Vergünstigung.

Im Raum Zarrentin Gudow steht Ihnen ein Rufbus zur Verfügung.
Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie in unserer Fahrplanauskunft.

Service quality Standards

The services on offer from the HVV are subject to regulations (0,5 MB, German only).
The timetables of the services are based on these and depend on the demand for services, the day of the week and time of day as well as the traffic situation in the area concerned and the type of transport used.