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In and around Hamburg

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In and around Hamburg

hvv in figures

3,537 million inhabitants

Bahnhof mit vorbeiziehenden Fahrzeugen

2020: 707 million passengers

In comparison: before COVID-19 it was our pleasure to get more than a billion where they wanted to go.


4609 vehicles and rolling stock

If they were piled on top of each other they would make a tower 16 km high.

25 transport operators

Brüche mit Autos

9598 stations

That is four times the number of bridges.

8637 km² hvv service area

Hamburg: 755 km² / Schleswig-Holstein: 4,038 km² / Lower Saxony: 3,844 km²

15192 km network length

That’s equivalent to 2,000 walks around the Alster.

€686 million passenger revenues

Pre-COVID-19 it used to be €890 million


809 lines

More lines then rain per year in Hamburg (752 l/m²). Next goal: Munich with 965 l/m²

Download hvv in figures

Version 2019 PDF file (2 MB)