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Reduced-price all-year season tickets

All-year season tickets for school children, students, apprentices/trainees and senior citizens

For many HVV clients, we offer tickets art reduced prices. We have compiled a list here of what tickets there are and how you can get them. For these tickets, you need to prove your entitlement to them and take the entitlement form along when you travel. 

The HVV offers special tickets for all school children in regular primary or secondary education at a public school.

Starting on 01.08.2020 the HVV is offering the BonusTicket for apprentices/trainees as an all-year season ticket. The BonusTicket for apprentices/trainees is valid on the entire network. The precondition for buying it is that your place where you are doing your apprenticeship/traineeship is located in Hamburg and that the employer is willing to subsidize you. 

The uniform price of 70€ is then divided up as follows:

  • 30.00 € apprentice/trainee’s share
  • 20.00 € subsidy from your employer
  • 20.00 € subsidy from the City of Hamburg

1.      The order forms for the BonusTicket for apprentices/trainees as an all-year season ticket  will be sent to you by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce/Crafts and Trade (whichever applies in your case) by post in week 28 (06.07.-10.07.2020). They are also available in the school secretariats of the training schools or training institutions. If you have not received an order form, this can alternatively be handed out in HVV service centres from week 28 (06.07-10.07.2020). In the order form you must enter the bank account the amount is to be debited from. The account holder then signs the SEPA direct debit mandate necessary for this. With our  How to do it (79,30 KB)  (in German) on the right way to fill out the order form it only takes a moment.

2.      The “entitlement form for purchasing stickers for season tickets for apprentices/trainees” will automatically be sent by post to apprentices/trainees whose apprenticeship/traineeship contract has been officially registered by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Crafts. All other apprentices/trainees can obtain the form from the relevant Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Crafts in their case.

3.      For processing the order in the service centre, we need the all-year season ticket order form, your entitlement form and a passport photo. We will send the HVV Card, with the BonusTicket for apprentices/trainees stored on it to the apprentice/trainee’s home address by post.

These three documents will be sent by post to the all-year season ticket central office. Alternatively, they can also be handed in at one of our service centres. Apprentices/trainees who are already all-year season ticket holders and would like to switch over to the BonusTicket for apprentices/trainees, which is better value for money, can change this accordingly on the order form.   

If the firm at which the apprentice/trainee is doing their apprenticeship/traineeship already participates in the GKA  Corporate Client programme for the ProfiTicket, the ordering process for the  BonusTicket forapprentices/trainees is done via the relevant contact person in the company. 

Apprentices/trainees whose firms do not offer the BonusTicket for apprentices/trainees can still profit from the reduced-price HVV Tickets for trainees and apprentices.

Persons entitled to a social discount from the City of Hamburg can obtain the necessary order form for reduced-price tickets at the job office (Arbeitsagentur) or social welfare office (Sozialamt). With the filled out order form and by presenting an official identification document you can buy monthly and all-year season tickets at a monthly discount of € 22.60.