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hvv Tickets

We will advise you which ticket is best for you to get around Hamburg - it doesn’t matter whether you have a ticket for EURO 2024 or not, or whether you are travelling with friends, family or by yourself.  

The hvv App – one app to find them all

With the hvv App, you can plan your routes and buy all tickets without needing to register. And you get to buy single and day tickets at a 7 % discount!

The right ticket

Children under 6 years of age always travel free on the hvv. Dogs are also allowed to travel free of charge.

The 36 Hour Ticket

You can access your Fan Pass in the UEFA EURO 2024 App with your entrance ticket. This gives you free travel on the entire hvv network for 36 hours from 6 am on the day of the match till 6 pm the following day. If you are staying longer, you can buy hvv tickets in the hvv App.

Our tip: Are you staying longer in Hamburg? Check whether it is perhaps worth getting a weekly season ticket. With that, you can get around for up to 7 days on the entire hvv network for only € 29. You can choose your start date flexibly.

Good to know

  • All tickets must be purchased before travelling. They do not have to be stamped before you commence your journey. 

  • All tickets purchased in the hvv App can also be displayed if you have no internet connection. 

  • All tickets are also available at our hvv ticket machines and in hvv service centres.