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In and around Hamburg

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In and around Hamburg

Just moved here?

Travel free of charge for 7 days on the HVV

Our introductory offer to get to know us: explore your new neighbourhood with the HVV. For a whole week. Go everywhere with a ticket for the Hamburg AB area or for 4 fare zones. And this is how easy it is:

1. Send your form from the local citizen’s residence registration office by post or e-mail

There is one little condition: the day of moving into your new home on the residence registration form (not the day it was issued) must show that you only moved here a maximum of 3 months ago and that your new home is inside the HVV area. Then send off your form as fast as you can.
Send a copy by post to HVV GmbH, Steindamm 94, 20099 Hamburg. Please indicate “new resident” clearly on it or send you registration form by e-mail to neubuerger@hvv.de.

Data privacy note: sending it by post is always safer than as an e-mail attachment.

2. Redeem your voucher code

You will receive the code by e-mail. You can use it to buy a weekly 24/7 season ticket for the Hamburg AB area or for 4 fare zones via the HVV App for 0 – €. The code can be redeemed in the HVV App up to 4 weeks after you have received it.

3. Start off on your week of discovery with the HVV!

Off you go. Hamburg is waiting for you.

And when the 7-day test period is up? Why not get an all-year season ticket:

  • You save something like 20 % compared to a monthly season ticket.
  • You can change your ticket details or cancel the season ticket as per any month.*
  • At weekends and on public holidays you can travel on the entire network (fare rings A-H) with an all-year 24/7 season ticket and take 1 other person and 3 children (from 6-14 years of age) with you free of charge.

* If you cancel within the first 12 months you only pay the difference between the all-year 24/7 and a monthly season ticket.  

Conditions of use and data privacy

Our special offer for new arrivals is available till 31.12.2021. If you would like to read the Conditions of Use for our special offer for new residents, just click here (797,79 KB)  (in German). We will also be happy to inform you how we handle your personal data. Then please click here (in German).