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We move you in new ways – the new hvv

Dammtorbahnhof bei Nacht aus der Vogelperspektive

Next stop: Future

Non-stop information and routing signage at model station Dammtor/Stephansplatz.

S-Bahn: Fahrgastinformation auf Monitor

Optimally informed

Timetable changes soon on screen and acoustically in the S-Bahn.

The innovative way to get where you want to go – with the Digital S-Bahn Hamburg

The Digital S-Bahn Hamburg is on track to be Germany’s first fully automated rail service. Digitalizing rail travel means that the infrastructure can support a considerably higher capacity. That is not only good for the reliability and punctuality of your S-Bahn connection but also for achieving the Hamburg Rhythm of 5-minute services. Because that will only be realized if the Hamburg S-Bahn network can expand.

A German first at the ITS World Congress

In October 2021 four Hamburg S-Bahn trains will be running for the first time purely digitally controlled with passengers on board. Train drivers will monitor the system on the 23 kilometre long stretch of track between Berliner Tor and Bergedorf/Aumühle.


Operational deployment of innovative technologies

The new S-Bahn trains are partly equipped with digital route maps and passenger info, so that you can see at any time where you are and where you are going. Thanks to new visualization methods, you are constantly in the picture if there are technical problems or construction work underway.
Innovation is the name of the game at Bergedorf station, too: the digital S-Bahn turns round and switches tracks in fully automated mode. The 5G mobile network and newly tested technologies make it possible.

Successful together – the path into the future

Deutsche Bahn and Siemens Mobility are realizing the Digitale S-Bahn Hamburg together – and have already been awarded the Deutsche Mobilitätspreis for 2021 for their work. Going forward, by the way, it is planned to digitalize the entire network and the complete fleet of S-Bahn Hamburg. The goal is to enable you not only to experience the innovative technology between Berliner Tor and Bergedorf/Aumühle, but across the entire metropolitan region.

S-Bahn Doppelmonitore an Treppenaufgang

A full heads-up

The new S-Bahn infoscreens show you all you need to know – on your trip and afterwards.