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We move you so much better – the new hvv

Flexible, fast, cheap and climate-friendly – these are our demands for getting where we want to go today. In the city centre especially, driving your own car is no solution. It is time for a rethink. We dream of a mobility revolution in Hamburg, believe it is possible and are working towards it. Hamburg and its surrounding region must become cleaner and quieter and be overall a better place to live. All this, of course, while at the same time offering much better mobility options. For you, for us, for everyone.

We have been laying the groundwork for this goal in the Greater Hamburg region for years now. With our service campaigns we are improving the public transport options on an ongoing basis. On top of that, we are breathing life into new mobility concepts and cooperating with external mobility providers.


The more varied and interconnected the mobility mix, the faster you can get where you want to go. It shouldn’t matter whether you are using the U-Bahn, bus, bike, car-sharing, e-scooter or on-demand shuttle to get to your destination. Ideally, that means just getting on and starting off without needing to think about it beforehand.

The Hamburg Rhythm

In the past, our transport services were fitted to demand: in the rush hour we ran more services, in off-peak periods there were fewer buses and trains.
The Hamburg Rhythm marks a new approach. The idea and the target are simple: to make a passenger service available for everyone everywhere in the city within five minutes. Because it is only when every one of us can be mobile whenever we want that public transport and its complementary service options will really be the ecological, cheap and in fact all-round better alternative to your own car.


Expanding the network

It is our declared climate protection objective to develop and offer more and more alternatives to the private car. A considerable expansion of the rapid transit rail and bus services on offer is planned to achieve this goal. Thus we are already working today on tomorrow’s infrastructure – whether it is the extension of the S4 to Bad Oldesloe, of the S21 to Kaltenkirchen, the U4 to Horner Geest and Grasbrook or the new U5 line.