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We move you sustainably – the new hvv

Blühwiese mit Bushaltestelle im Hintergrund


Colourful, rewilded green spaces are equally inviting for wild bees and passengers.

Außenansicht des "grünen S-Bahn-Werkes"

Green depot

S-Bahn depot Kronsaalsweg is a test-bed for new ideas – from solar power to LEDs.

Blume auf Haltestellendach

It’s the bees’ knees!

Fields of flowers on bus stop roofs: hvv and Wall create new habitats for wild bees.

Get where you want to go sustainably – with zero-emission drives

We are focussing 100 percent on zero-emission propulsion systems. This is our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving Hamburg’s climate targets. Because we all profit from less air pollution and less traffic noise – and that means a better quality of life in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

Our reduced-emission fleet

VHH already ran the first e-bus project in Hamburg in 2014 with the popular “mountain goat” minibus negotiating the winding, narrow hill roads of Blankenese. Since the beginning of 2020, all the transport companies affiliated in the HVV have gone over to ordering almost exclusively zero-emission buses. Alongside pure battery-driven vehicles, HOCHBAHN is also relying here on fuel cell technology with green hydrogen.

HHA E-Busse

Something like 200 climate-friendly buses will already be on the road for HOCHBAHN and VHH alone by the end of 2021. And things are happening on the waterways, too.  In future the HADAG ferries will be battery-driven.

Modern infrastructure for modern buses

A zero-emission fleet needs the appropriate infrastructure to go with it. VHH already inaugurated a specialized garage for servicing e-buses in 2019 and HOCHBAHN opened the first bus depot specially designed for e-mobility in the same year. More specialized e-bus depots will join them in future – across the entire HVV transport network.


100 % green power

HOCHBAHN, S-Bahn Hamburg and VHH already use exclusively green electricity. But the other transport companies affiliated to the hvv are increasingly using sustainably generated power too.

The big objective: a zero-emission bus fleet by 2030

As soon as the buses of HOCHBAHN and VHH run completely emission-free, we will save about 113,000 tons of CO2 a year. We aim to have achieved this ambitious goal as far as possible by   2030.

Nachhaltig - E-Busse Kreis Segeberg

Segeberg is electrified

10 brand new e-buses take Kreis Segeberg into a zero-emission future.

Kinder steigen in Schulbus

A smart school bus

Shorter, faster and more climate-friendly reavel in Herzogtum Lauenburg.