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Mandatory face masks

LP - Maske

Mandatory wearing of face masks is and remains a crucial component of our safety concept for public transport. Passengers who wear a closely-fitting mask covering both nose and mouth are actively helping to protect others from infection, in particular when it may not be possible for a short time to keep the minimum distance.  Perspex face shields are explicitly not permitted. The only persons exempted from this rule are children under 7 years of age and those who are unable to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth for health reasons.

Hygiene teams

LP - Hygiene

On top of the regular deep cleaning done on all public transport and at all stops and stations, mobile hygiene teams of HochbahnS-Bahn and VHH are underway in the HVV area every day. These teams take additional measures to disinfect buses and rail rolling stock as well as U- and S-Bahn stations and bus interchanges.

Glass partitions

LP - Trennscheibe

All 1,500 buses on regular services with HOCHBAHN and VHH are equipped with plexiglass partitions to protect the driver. This also goes for the great majority of the buses run by the other transport companies in the regions surrounding Hamburg. The modifications carried out also enable the front doors as well as the middle and rear doors to be opened automatically. This means that tickets can be bought on board from the driver again, that there is improved ventilation and the seats as well as the standing room at the front can be used again. Thus there is more room for all passengers and one less reason to worry about passengers maintaining their distance and getting bunched up when moving through the bus.


LP - Durchlüftung

Where it is technically possible, the doors on all U- and S-Bahn trains open automatically. U-Bahn carriages of the  DT4 model have been retrofitted to enable this. On the S-Bahn, centrally operated opening is possible on about half of the carriages (Type 490). All doors on HOCHBAHN and VHH buses open at every stop. In this way we ensure that the air in our buses is regularly  exchanged and that passengers do not need to worry about touching contact surfaces when getting on and off.

Frequency of services

LP - Takt

Unlike many other Federal states, the frequency of HVV services was maintained almost unchanged during the lockdown period and even increased in some cases, so as to ensure that our passengers could keep a safe distance from each other.