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hvv’s job ticket – the way to travel for employees

Since 01.05.2023, employers will be able to offer their employees  the Deutschlandticket as a job ticket (in German) -  and that Germany-wide. With the hvv Corporate Client Subscription programme:  easy to handle, digital and countrywide and with no admin costs for the employer.  It doesn’t matter whether the employees do their travelling in Hamburg, Halle or Harsewinkel.

For this we, S-Bahn Hamburg and our sales partners ACE and AGA, (in German) conclude a corporate client subscription programme with the employer. In the corporate client subscription programme for the digital Deutschlandticket, available since 01.05.2023, there is no minimum number of tickets that need to be ordered and no service fees.  

And this is how it works:

  • Companies who need less than 100 job tickets should get in touch directly with our sales partners ACE and AGA.
  • Companies who need 100 or more job tickets should contact our team at S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH.

As a corporate client you get the Deutschlandticket as a job ticket for 49 € minus 5 % discount.
You, the employer, undertake to subsidize the Deutschlandticket for your employees with a tax-free subsidy equivalent to 25 % of the fare money. That means that you  pay a tax-free travel allowance of €12.25. The user therefore only pays €34.30 a month for the ticket.  


less 5% discount€46.5/month

At least 25% employer’s travel allowance

at least €12.25/month

Ticket price for usermax. €34.30/month

You, as corporate client, transfer to us the aggregate sum for the tickets used each month. In your own internal bookkeeping you set off the fare money and the travel allowance via your payroll accounts.  Travel allowances can be paid out tax-free and do not affect the tax-free benefit in kind.

The users get their Deutschlandticket as a job ticket in the digital variant on their smartphone. 

These tickets are administrated by the employer via web access. The access to the administration platform is sent to the employer by email after the contract is signed. The platform is reached by link and password.

Video - ProfiTicket as Deutschlandticket
Step-by-step instruction PDF (493,71 KB)

N.B.: If a user is unable to or doesn’t want to use a digital ticket, they have the option to purchase the regular Deutschlandticket on their hvv Card.