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hvv’s job ticket – the way to travel for employees

We cooperate with something like 3,000 companies and institutes to offer the people who work there the best value for money in the hvv - the ProfiTicket.

It’s not only the ideal way to travel for those who work full-time, it is also an option which fits the needs of all those who work part-time or for individual days in their home office. Companies can qualify for these attractive prices (74,54 KB)  by placing an order for at least 20 tickets.

Our tip: If there are fewer than 20 interested employees, we recommend taking over or subsidizing the costs for a hvv all-year season ticket.

Invest in your employees‘ satisfaction and your company’s future. Your employees can already profit from hvv’s job ticket if you have 20 people who take part in the scheme:    

  • Do good and talk about it: enhance your company profile by offering the ProfiTicket as an employer committed to progress.
  • Simply social: organize the tickets with the right area of validity (436.61 KB) for your individual employees. The ProfiTickets will then be delivered directly to your company as a collective order.
  • Save money: employers subsidize each ProfiCard with a monthly contribution towards the costs. This is completely exempt from income tax and social security contributions.  
  • Start the day fit as a fiddle: employees who use public transport to come to work have fewer accidents on their journey, stay fitter and arrive at work relaxed and ready for the day’s challenges.
  • Together for the environment: by introducing the ProfiTicket you are making an important contribution towards reducing the number of cars on the road and to combating climate change. 
  • From grey to green: just think what you could do with all that space you no longer need for parking.
  • Compact infos: you can find these in the ProfiTicket mini brochure (369,87 KB) .

Our tip: If there are fewer than 20 interested employees, we recommend taking over or subsidizing the costs for a  hvv all-year season ticket.

ProfiTicket holders can choose a ticket exactly tailored to their needs – for the journey to work and what they like to do in their free time.

  • Good value: Approx. 40 % savings (68,17 KB) compared with a 24/7 all-year season ticket.
  • Generous: The ProfiTicket is valid on complete  fare rings (425,44 KB) . Just get on at any time on all rapid transit trains (U-, S- and A-Bahn), regional trains, buses (fare rings A–E) as well as regular harbour ferry lines.
  • Take others along: at weekends and on bank holidays, you can take 1 other person and up to 3 children (aged 6–14*) with you free of charge. 
  • All-inclusive at weekends: your ProfiTicket is then valid on the whole hvv network.
  • Special conditions: profit when you use carsharing and bike hire.
  • Compact info: you can find these in the ProfiTicket mini brochure (369,87 KB) .

*And by the way, children under 6 always travel free of charge with us.

  • Issue of the ProfiTicket: it is issued in the company once a year, usually by the HR Department.
  • On your payslip: the tax-free subsidy is paid on top with the employee’s salary. The costs for the ProfiTicket are retained at source from the employee’s salary.
  • Settling the ticket costs: the costs for the ProfiTickets of all employees are paid in a lump sum once a month to the hvv.
  • Short communication paths: if employees have any questions, they can speak to a contact person in the company.  .
  • Well informed: information from the hvv is passed on to the ProfiTicket holders by the company.

30 years of the ProfiTicket – many thanks to our customers