It is the ideal complement to bus and rail travel for HVV subscr¡ption clients: drive a car without needing to own one!

Carsharing is the flexible, convenient and economical alternative for all those who only need a car now and then. There is a whole range of Carsharing stations in and around Hamburg - often just around the corner from a rapid transit station.

Holders of a general subscr¡ption season ticket, the ProfiTicket or a SemesterTicket benefit from special conditions from our strong cooperation partners for carsharing.

As a HVV subscr¡ption client you simply sign a contract with one of our cooperation partners cambio CarSharing, DriveNow or Greenwheels or register free of charge with the private Carsharing organization drivy.

Does that make you prick up your ears? Then just click on the logos of our carsharing cooperation partners for more details:


The private carsharing organization Drivy offers car hire with cars belonging to private individuals. Just click on the logo for more details (German):