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Get there on time or your money back

Every day we get people where they want to go - almost always on time. We want to underline this with a very special promise: "Get there on time or your money back!"

If unforeseen circumstances disrupt services so that you arrive at your destination more than 20 minutes late, you are entitled to get a one-off refund of 50% of the fare price for your hvv ticket for the journey.
With day tickets and season tickets, a prorated amount is calculated for each journey. For group tickets, only 1 fare per journey can be recouped.

And this is how it works

  1. Apply here for a refund using the online application form (in German).
    Keep your ticket to do this.
  2. Just sit back and wait for a couple of days: We are checking your application!
    The delayed journey may only have taken place up to 3 calendar days ago.
  3. Print out our payment order and take it together with your ticket for the journey into one of our service centres.
    Your refund will be paid out in cash. It is unfortunately not possible to transfer the amount onto a bank account or to set it off against your client account.