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Komm gut nach Hause

In and around Hamburg

In and around Hamburg

For new citizens

Hello and Moin!

It’s nice that you have found a new home here.
Setting up home somewhere new always means a fresh start for your mobility too. Where is the nearest bus stop? When does the next train leave?
To help you to get quickly from point A to point B, the Hamburg Public Transport Association (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, HVV) has a comprehensive and tightly meshing network of services. That means you can get where you want to go easily by bus, rail and harbour ferry.

Our services - an overview (2 MB)


Und the header Timetables you will find your route in no time at all. Besides departure times you can also dial up a network overview, timetables at stations and for the individual lines.

The HVV App for underway

The quickest way to find the route you need when you are out and about is the HVV App. Just enter your start point and destination and the time you want to leave or arrive. And you get a display with the nearest bus stop or station, travel time including times on foot between stops and the price for a single ticket.

Advice person to person

You can reach our HVV telephone infoline under 040/19 449. If you need personal advice, just go in to one of our many HVV service centres - there is bound to be one near you. Besides selling tickets they give comprehensive information and advice. We look forward to seeing you there.

This could be your ticket to ride

Just the ticket for every passenger

It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling on your own or in a group, frequently or only now and then, on short or long journeys – we have just the right ticket for you. Children up to the age of 6 don’t need a ticket at all on our services.

Single and Day Tickets

For all those who only travel by bus and rapid transit now and again, we have single and day tickets. A single ticket takes you direct to your destination – and you can change lines or interrupt your journey.
With a day ticket, you can be more flexible. There are 3 different kinds available:

  • An All Day Ticket gives you travel 24/7 for one day for yourself.
  • With a 9 am Day Ticket you can take up to 3 children (aged 6-14) between 9 am and 6 am the following morning.
  • With the 9 am Group Ticket, up to 5 persons of any age can travel at a bargain price all day.

Season tickets

Our weekly and monthly season tickets at budget prices are good value for all those who use our services often and regularly.
On top of this, there are special concessionary offers for school children, apprentices, trainees and students, children and senior citizens.
You can get all season tickets on a subscription basis, cancellable to the end of any month - why not take advantage of the many benefits this offers?

Buying your ticket – save 3% online or via mobile

You can buy single and day tickets from the bus driver, at ticket machines, via app or in our Online Shop to print out yourself. Tickets don’t need to be stamped and cancelled before travelling.
Our tip: buy single, day, group and supplementary tickets online or via your mobile and avoid having to search through your pockets for small change.

Further practical service offers

Mobility for everyone

We have put together a special information package for mobility-impaired passengers to help you when using HVV trains, buses and harbour ferries.

Are you coming to Hamburg by car?

Then why not leave your car at one of our Park+Ride locations at a rapid transit or regional rail station? That way you save yourself the hassle of trying to find somewhere to park in the Inner City.

Do you want to take your bike along?

You can take your bike on board HVV rapid transit and regional rail services as well as on many buses.