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General information on taking your board on public transport

There is no general right to take your bike on board public transport. Like luggage and other objects, bikes can only be carried if they do not endanger safety or the smooth operation of services and do not inconvenience other passengers. Even after you have got on a hvv service with your bike, the train or bus driver can still ask you to make room for other passengers and if necessary to get off again. In particular, wheelchair users and parents with prams have priority. Our company personnel have the last word on this. 

Each passenger is only allowed to take 1 bike with them.

Groups of 6 or more persons should ask the transport company concerned beforehand whether they need to make a reservation to take their bikes on the line they want to travel on.

Passengers who want to take a bike on board must be at least 12 years old. Younger passengers with a bike must be accompanied by an adult; each adult may only take 1 passenger under 12 with a bike along.

Tandems, tricycles and cargo bicycles and the like as well as motorbikes cannot be carried.

If you infringe the regulations on carriage of bikes, you must leave the service at the next stop/station and in addition pay a penalty fare of 20 €.

Such infringements include:

  • taking a bike on board during the restricted times
  • taking a bike on board the regional trains without a valid day bicycle ticket

Taking your bike on public transport

Bikes are considered to be single-seat bicycles. Folding bikes are treated as luggage.

Pedelecs with an electric motor as pedalling support up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h are also considered to be bikes.

S-Pedelecs and e-bikes which can also reach high speeds without pedalling must have an insurance sticker and are not categorized as bicycles, but as motorbikes. Bikes with an insurance sticker cannot be carried on rapid transit trains or buses.

In some regional trains there are different rules. Please therefore always ask the operator of the regional trains to find out what the current rules of carriage are.

On U, S and A trains and some buses:

  • Mon-Fri till 6 am, from 9 am till 4 pm and from 6 pm till close of services
  • Sat, Sun, on public holidays and on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve all day up to close of services
  • During the Hamburg summer school holidays – only on U, S, A trains, all day (does not apply to buses)
  • As long as it does not endanger the safety of other passengers or restrict their movement or otherwise inconvenience them.

Please make sure that you don’t take your bike on board at the doors marked with a chequerboard pattern. Passengers with wheelchairs or walkers have priority at these entrances. 

Yes, bikes can be carried on some bus lines.

The same restricted periods apply as on U, S, A trains, N:B: these also apply in the summer school holidays.

To take a bike on an RB/RE train in the hvv area, you will need to buy a day bicycle ticket. Then you can take your bike with you all day. This ticket is only valid within the hvv area. If your journey takes you outside the hvv area or into it from outside, bicycle tickets under the Schleswig-Holstein Tariff, the EVB Tariff and the DB Tariff are also valid for the route printed on the ticket.

N.B. The train personnel are also entitled here to refuse to carry bikes if there is not enough room.

You can take your bike on board the Elbe river ferries on hvv service free of charge without time restrictions every day.

N.B. On the ferry from Blankenese to Cranz, the Lower Elbe Tariff applies. This means that you can take your bike on board all day, but a charge applies.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to begin a journey with your bike or to continue a journey you have already begun outside the permitted times.The same applies to taking a bike into the restricted area of a rail station.

Folded bikes can be carried at any time as long as it does not inconvenience other passengers or endanger the smooth operating of the service. Bikes must be folded in the area where you must have a ticket and must take up much less space than when unfolded. Folded bikes can be carried free of charge on the RB/RE trains.

Standing bikes

In the rapid transit trains, the regional trains and on buses, a maximum of 2 bikes can stand per set of doors (on buses, the middle doors). This does not apply to the first carriage on trains, since this area is reserved for wheelchair users and passengers with prams.

In some regional trains there are separate areas for bikes.

On the harbour ferries, you can stand your bike in the areas specially designated for this purpose.

Bikes must be held steady while the train is moving. This is the only way to ensure that other passengers do not get dirty or injured if it falls over. Fastening or tying the bike to the central pole is not enough.

Bikes on the plattform

The restricted period applies to the entire area where you need to have a valid ticket, i.e., bikes are not allowed onto the platform during the restricted period. The reason for this is that bikes do not only pose a safety risk in a full train, but also on the approaches to the train, especially on staircases and escalators.

Riding a bike on the platform is dangerous and therefore not allowed.

Routing for bikes in the timetable info

Call up our timetable info, enter the start point and destination of the route you want and start a search.

Please select the bicycle icon on the results page. The route will then be shown to you as a bicycle path.

Underneath the map you can drill down to get more differentiated information under the options "fastest route", "gentle route" and "main roads".

Within the map, the state of the route is colour-coded so that you can plan before you start your trip whether your route goes via tarmac roads or e.g. cobblestones.