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Tickets - buying via hvv.de / HVV App

General questions about buying tickets

You can buy single, day, weekly, upgrade and supplementary tickets as well as the Hamburg CARD via the Online Shop or the HVV App.
You can also buy your ticket (with the exception of monthly season tickets) from your PC in our Online Shop and then just call it up on your smartphone.

In addition, via the HVV App from version 4.0 upwards you can get monthly 24/7 and off-peak season tickets for immediate use.

And you even save 7% if you buy single, day, upgrade and supplementary tickets this way!
Other tickets cost exactly the same as those you buy online, at ticket machines or other sales outlets.

Depending on your mobile contract, there may also be charges for data communication.

Please note: you must buy your ticket before you enter the area where you have to have a valid ticket.

You can buy single, day, weekly, upgrade and supplementary tickets as well as the Hamburg CARD via the Online Shop even if you are not registered with MeinHVV. The only means of payment you can use then is by credit card.

If you want to buy tickets via the App or on hvv.de, you need to be registered with MeinHVV.
Registering will not cost you anything.

New clients can register free of charge with MeinHVV before or while they place an order.
When you do this, your personal data are already registered for any purchases you may make later, which speeds up the process. You also have the option to register your payment data in encrypted form with our payment processor so that you can use them for further purchases.

With a MeinHVV account you can also, for instance, use the timetable info with its address book, define standard connections to use or save search options, line timetables or announcements at stops or stations.

You prefer not to register? No problem. You can also buy tickets on hvv.de or in the Online Shop without registration.

You can buy tickets in the Online Shop up to 14 days in advance. In the HVV App this period applies for all monthly season tickets and the weekly ticket as well as for the Hamburg CARD. All other products available in the HVV App can be bought in advance for use on the same day or the next day. A refund of these tickets is strictly excluded.

The best way to find the right ticket for you is to go to the timetable info.
Just enter your connection, and you will find the appropriate singe ticket displayed below the search result. On top of this, we have a “tariff assistant” in the timetable information on the HVV website, which will give you an overview of alternative ticket options your this connection.

You can also buy the ticket for someone else as long as you give their name during the order process, e.g. for a guest or a child (children can only buy their own tickets when they reach the age of legal capacity to contract at 16.

Yes, you can do this in the Online Shop: all the tickets you buy in one go will be shown in your shopping cart before you log in or before you pay. You can also buy tickets for yourself as well as for another person at the same time.

In the HVV App or via hvv.de you can buy tickets sequentially, e.g. if you are taking a second person along with you.

In the Online Shop on hvv.de, tickets are shown as follows for printing out:

  • By selecting the relevant option on the page “Check order” you can also have the ticket sent as a file to the e-mail address you give when ordering.
  • Directly after completing the order process you can save your ticket as a PDF file and print it out or save it on your smartphone.
  • In the order confirmation which is immediately sent by e-mail there is also an integrated link which you can use to call up the ticket. The link can be used as long as the ticket is still valid.
  • MeinHVV clients can call up their ticket under the item “Orders” as long as it is still valid.

In the HVV App, your tickets are shown in the main menu under “Tickets”. You must be logged in to MeinHVV for this.

You have first of all the following options:
In the order confirmation sent to you immediately by e-mail there is an active link with which you can call up the ticket. The link can be used as long as the ticket is still valid.

  • Clients registered under MeinHVV can call up their ticket under the item “Orders” as long as it is still valid.
  • In the HVV App, your tickets are shown in the main menu under “Tickets”. You must be logged in to MeinHVV for this.

If nothing is displayed there and you do not have a connectivity problem, this means that your order enquiry has not been received by the system. Please repeat your order.

If you want to do this, it is essential that you register for MeinHVV- it is a one-off action and free of charge. Then, when you place an order in the Online Shop you can have your ticket displayed on your smartphone by logging in to your MeinHVV account via the HVV App with your smartphone.

In the HVV App your tickets will be displayed in the main menu under “Tickets”.

Print-it-yourself tickets or tickets bought via app cannot be cancelled or the fare refunded. It can’t be proved that you didn’t use it, it is not possible to refund the fare.

Please log in to your MeinHVV account on hvv.de. You can print out a sales voucher there via your order history.

About 90 seconds elapse before a digitally bought ticket actually becomes valid. This is why the ticket appears greyed out during that time as guidance for our clients. As an extra help, a countdown is displayed so that you can see how much time is left before the ticket is valid.  

Please remember that you can only enter the part of the station where you have to have a ticket and board our buses and trains when you have a valid ticket. Until the ticket on your screen is fully visible, our ticket inspectors may not recognize the ticket as valid and could charge you the increased penalty fare.   

Questions on payment procedure

You have a choice between a SEPA direct debit, where the amount is debited from your bank account or payment by credit card, where we will automatically debit the amount to your credit card account.

Please note that you can only register one SEPA bank account for each account.

When you register your credit card details for the first time, the system carries out a check on the credit card details you have given. This involves sending the credit card details given by the client to the card-issuing bank with a nominal amount of 1 € to be requested and authorised.
This is to verify whether the credit card details are valid. This authorisation expires automatically within about 2 weeks.
The requested amount will not be posted to your account or actually debited.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of cases of non-payment in the past, it has proved necessary to check if the details given are correct as well as the creditworthiness of our clients when they register. This check is only carried out once before you place the first order when you pay by SEPA direct debit.

They are the service provider who ensure the smooth processing (debiting) of the ticket sales ordered by you in the Online Shop or via the HVV App.

We book your purchase or purchases on the following bank day in a single amount. This will be debited from your account within the next four bank days.

Yes, you can. In principle, you can change your means of payment during the order process.
Other options to do this are as follows:

  • Log in to MeinHVV and select the link "Means of payment > edit".
  • This can be done in the HVV App under "Settings > Buying a ticket > Means of payment"

Please enter your MeinHVV password in this case.
Your user name is the same as the e-mail address you are registered under with MeinHVV.

You can either check your purchases in the order history (you can call this up via your MeinHVV account) or via the order confirmations sent to you.

If you still cannot explain why this amount was debited after doing this, our staff will be happy to help you at:
Hamburger Hochbahn AG
Service und Verkauf
Postfach 10 27 20
20019 Hamburg
Telefon: (040) 3288-4583
Telefax: (040) 3288-2699

Normally when your account is blocked, it means that it has not been possible to debit an amount which is due from it. Reasons for this could be, e.g.: there is not enough money on your bank account, the account number has changed, the bank connection is invalid, an objection has been registered, etc.

Please contact first of all the Online Shop Support line. our staff will be happy to help you:

Hamburger Hochbahn AG
Service und Verkauf
Postfach 10 27 20
20019 Hamburg
Telefon: (040) 3288-4583
Telefax: (040) 3288-2699

When you do this, please quote your customer number or the order number concerned. You can find these in every order confirmation we send you.  

If there is a problem with payment, you can also contact LogPay Financial Services GmbH directly. You can reach their staff as follows:

LogPay Financial Services GmbH
Schwalbacher Straße 72
D-65760 Eschborn, Deutschland
Telefon: (06196) 8012-702
Fax: (06196) 8012-9913

When you do this, please quote the reference number on the reminder sent to you and your LogPay customer account number.

When the total outstanding amount has been paid, you will naturally be cleared to buy tickets again.

Questions in connection with ticket inspections

It is only permitted to show your ticket on the screen of your mobile device as a PNG file, not as a PDF.

You can download the ticket in PNG format directly after you have bought it.

If you have ordered your ticket as a customer logged in  to MeinHVV, you can also display your ticket in the HVV App.

You need to have your ticket before you start your journey – this means in rapid transit stations that you must have it before you enter the area where you must have a ticket.
Please make sure that you either have the printout with you or can see it on the display of your smartphone.
Please note here: showing it as a file on the screen of a mobile device does not count as a valid ticket.
Please also always have a photo ID with you. Without this, even printed out tickets and tickets on your smartphone are not valid.

Our tip: log in before you start your journey so that you can show a ticket directly on your smartphone.
And with the function “Stay logged in” you always have your ticket ready to show. (in the App you can do this under the item  "Settings > Ticket settings > User" or directly when you buy the ticket.)

If you can’t prove to the ticket inspector that you have a ticket when you are checked (e.g. because of a technical defect, empty battery etc.) this will be treated as if you do not have a valid ticket. In case the service is not available or transmission is faulty, you as user must buy a valid ticket by other means before starting your journey.

Organisational questions

Print-it-yourself tickets and smartphone tickets are only valid for the person named on the ticket on the day of validity given and in combination with a photo ID (e.g. ID card, passport, driving licence, health insurance card or, for children, school ID card).
On tickets on which several people can travel, e.g. group tickets, the person named on the ticket must also be present during the journey.
This is to enable the ticket inspectors to see immediately that the photo ID is actually that of the named user.
This means that the ticket is not transferable.

We guarantee that we will handle your personal data with the greatest care. These will of course only be passed on to the service providers for the purpose of technical processing and billing.
We have compiled a comprehensive list of the provisions in our data privacy policy for you here.

You can change your personal data either when you order a ticket or by logging in to Mein HVV and switching from there to your MeinHVV or Online Shop Profile.
In the HVV App you can do this under “Settings > Ticket settings > Personal data”.

No, you identify yourself using your MeinHVV account, not with your phone number.

If that happens, change the password for your MeinHVV account as fast as you can to stop strangers from buying tickets on it. You can do this by logging in to MeinHVV and making the change in the section “Personal data”, or you can use the “Password forgotten?” function to reset your password.

Our staff will be happy to help you:
Hamburger Hochbahn AG
Service und Verkauf
Postfach 10 27 20
20019 Hamburg
Telefon: (040) 3288-4583
Telefax: (040) 3288-2699

Technical questions

Please first update the page.
To do this under iOS, first drag the display downwards. Under Android, use the update symbol in the header.

Is this is not successful, log out of MeinHVV and then log in again. The system will then resynchronize with the server.
Under iOS, you can do this in the menu item "Settings > Ticket settings > User". Under Android you can also use the context menu for this ("Login").

If this does not help either, we recommend logging out, closing the App and starting your phone completely again from scratch. Under iOS, close the App by double-clicking on the home button and then “swiping away” the relevant App. Under Android, there are several different options here depending on your device.

If this does not help, please delete the App entirely from your device and download it anew.
Under iOS you can delete an App by pressing the App symbol longer and then selecting the cross. Under Android you can do this, e.g. in the system settings.

Please in this case update your ticket list. Then you should be able to buy tickets normally again.
You can do this as follows:
iPhone: go to “Tickets” and drag the list downwards.
Android: use the “Update” symbol under “Tickets” in the header.

If you are quite sure you know your correct password, try to enter it again. It is especially easy on mobile devices to make a typing error when you enter the password.

Alternatively, you can get a new, automatically generated password sent to you via the MeinHVV section on the HVV website. Then please use the “Copy” function and “Paste” to enter the password without any chance of it not being correct.

For your own security, please remember to change this password into one of your own choice in your MeinHVV Profile.

Please use the option to get the activation link sent to you again by e-mail. After clicking on the activation link your account is available for you and you can buy (further) tickets.

The HVV App is usable on smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems.

For the HVV App from Version 4.0 upwards, you will need iPhones with at least iOS 8 (from iPhone 4S). The Android version can be used from Android version 4.0 upwards.

Users who have an older version of the operating systems installed on their end devices can continue to use the Version 3.7.x of the HVV App.

The current version of the HVV App is available for download in the iOS App Store (for iPhones) and in Google Play (for Android).

If you already have the App installed, you will be informed of a new version depending on your operating system.
With Android, if you tick the option “Automatic updates”, you can ensure that the version is always automatically updated when a new version is available.

Not necessarily. But you should make sure before you start your journey that you can display your valid ticket in the detail view. To do this, you need to be logged in to MeinHVV and to have updated your order overview once.
If you “Stay logged in” to MeinHVV your ticket data will automatically be synchronized when you start the application.
To log in to MeinHVV and update your tickets, you will need an active data connection.

App stores offer optimal convenience as regards downloading and possible updates, which is why we place the Apps there.

Questions on your rights with the HVV App

In order to make it easier for you to enter numeric data, you can scan your credit card to buy a ticket (from the App version 3.7 dated 18.01.2017 on).
Of course, to do this the App needs to access your camera.
From Android Version 6 (“Marshmallow”) onwards, you can withdraw this right from the HVV App again later in the Systems App “Settings” of your device.

The HVV App can pilot you directly to friends and acquaintances whose addresses you have saved in your address book. That is why these contacts are automatically suggested in the auto-complete.
If you select an address as start point or destination, only the street with the house number and the postcode and town/city of your contact will be transferred to the background system to generate timetable info.
Other data, such as, e.g. the name of your selected contact, will of course not be passed on.
This right can also naturally be withdrawn to the extent that the relevant operating system allows this option.

No, absolutely not.
When reading out the authorised actions for the App, the access rights shown are those which are theoretically possible, not those which are actually used.

When searching for start point/destination, the HVV App needs the right to access your address book in order to be able to offer the addresses of your contacts as start point or destination.
With older Android operating systems, however, the right to read out the call log is linked to the right to read the contacts. We currently support operating systems from Android 2.3.3 upwards, so as to be able to make our services available to as large a circle of users as possible (this is part of our remit from the state to provide a general public service).
That is the reason why the App has to be able to ask you to give it this right, even though we neither need it nor use it.

Under iOS you have the option to deny access to your address book generally to a HVV App. The help functions described above can then no longer be offered in the App. In your Settings (Menu item Data Privacy, Contacts) you can permit or deny access to your address book specifically for individual Apps.