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Mandatory face masks

The rule that it is mandatory to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth is already in force. The rule was included in the Conditions of Carriage and came into force as of  24 August 2020.

On all means of transport in the HVV and in the area of stops/stations where you have to have a ticket.

The important thing is that both mouth and nose are completely covered. This can also be done using a scarf or bandana, but is only possible to a limited extent with a transparent face shield/mouth visor/chin guard. With the number of people travelling on public transport increasing again, it is not possible to maintain the required distance at all times. That is why it is necessary to require special precautions here. Wearing a transparent face shield/mouth visor/chin guard is at the moment not subject to a penalty. Nevertheless the passenger will be told clearly that wearing a transparent face shield/mouth visor/chin guard does not sufficiently comply with our requirements to protect other passengers.

The obligation to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth does not apply to children under the age of 7. Persons who can provide proof of a medical condition which impairs their breathing are also exempt.  

The reason why someone is unable to wear a face mask should be credibly documented by some suitable form of proof; for example, an official pass certifying that someone suffers from an allergy or some similar doctor’s certificate.

In communication with and by people who are hard of hearing or deaf and rely on lip-reading, the obligation to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth is not cancelled but, providing the rules on social distancing are kept to (at least 1.5 metres), they can take the face mask off if the person opposite them signals that they need to read their lips to understand them because they are hard of hearing or deaf.

The transport operators in the HVV check compliance with the obligation to wear a mask daily.  

This can also lead to having to pay the penalty. Not wearing the face mask correctly (e.g. leaving the nose free) also counts as a violation of the directive that a face mask covering the nose and mouth must be worn.

Yes. When you buy a ticket you accept the HVV Conditions of Carriage. 

No. Using the phone can also be done with the mask on, therefore it is not permitted to take it off.  

The basic rule is: the face mask may not be taken off. If you want to drink something, the mask can be pulled down for a moment. But just holding a coffee cup in your hand is not a reason to not be wearing a mask.

Without a mask you are not permitted to use HVV Services.

In principle, all HVV staff with customer contact who are not protected by other means, e.g., a transparent plexiglass partition, are required to wear a mask. There are some exceptions in a few rail companies who operate supra-regional services. 

Organisational and Safety issues

Starting on 22 June, all 1,500 buses on regular services of Hochbahn und VHH in Hamburg have been successively fitted with plexiglass partitions in front of the driver’s compartment. As soon as a bus is fitted with such a partition the front door will be opened again. That means that all the seats and standing spaces can be used again and tickets can be sold on the bus.

The bus operators in the surrounding regions have also already begun fitting plexiglass partitions and some of them have already completed the programme. That means that you can get on more and more buses at the front there as well and buy a ticket on board if you need to.

If this is not yet possible because the bus has not yet been fitted with a plexiglass partition, you can recognize it by a sticker indicating this on the front doors.
If this is the case we recommend buying a ticket via the HVV App, at the Online Shop under hvv.de or at a ticket machine. If it is not possible to buy a ticket at a ticket machine before you get on the bus, you should buy a ticket as soon as you can during your journey, e.g. when changing to the rapid transit trains.

All the trains which are technically equipped for it have doors which will continue to open automatically. (Please note: it may take up to 2 seconds before a door automatically opens after stopping in a station.)

No. Passengers must still indicate their wish to get off as before by pressing the “stop” button inside the vehicle. Stopping automatically at every stop without anyone getting on or off would cause unnecessary delays for other passengers. Every time the bus stops at a stop the doors open automatically and fresh air can enter the bus.

Can the restricted times for carrying bicycles be cancelled?

No, under the present circumstances we are particularly focused on giving everyone as much space as possible.  

No, under the present circumstances we are particularly focused on giving everyone as much space as possible.