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In and around Hamburg

In and around Hamburg

Means of transport and stops / stations

Lost and Found

Who can I get in touch with if I have lost something on a bus or train on a journey with the HVV?

Please check who is the correct contact partner on our Lost and Found page.

Taking animals on public transport

What are the rules about taking animals on buses or trains?

If you want to take an animal along with you on our services, please observe the rules concerning this in our Conditions of Carriage (§ 12 Carriage of Animals), which we have summarized for you there.

Ban on drinking alcohol

Where exactly am I not allowed to drink alcohol on the HVV? And where does the ban not apply?

In all U, S and AKN trains and buses as well as at all HVV stops and stations.

In “mixed” stations such as Pinneberg and Buxtehude, the ban also applies on the platforms for the regional trains.

The ban does not apply on the trains run by DB Regio, nordbahn, Nord-Ostsee-Bahn and on HADAG ferries.

At the junctions at Hauptbahnhof, Bf. Altona, Bf. Dammtor, Bf. Bergedorf and Bf. Harburg, the alcohol ban only applies in the areas where you must have a valid HVV ticket for the S-Bahn. This means that on the platforms for the long-distance trains and the connecting paths to get there, the ban does not apply.

How can I see that drinking alcohol is banned?

From the pictograms in the trains and buses and at the stops/stations.

Where is it written down in legally binding form that it is forbidden to drink alcohol?

In the Conditions of Carriage and the House Rules of the transport companies affiliated to the HVV and of DB Station and Service.

Who sees to it that the alcohol ban is observed? Is there a fine for ignoring it?

The security personnel and ticket inspectors of the transport companies. They are also the ones who collect the fine of €40.

Can I continue to use HVV services when I have drunk alcohol?

Yes, of course. It is only drinking it in the trains and buses and at stations/stops with the pictograms forbidding it that it is not allowed.

Can I still transport alcoholic beverages on HVV services?

Yes, as long as they are in closed containers (bottles, cans etc.). Transporting already opened beverages, in particular if they cannot be closed again, is not allowed.

Are alcoholic beverages still sold at kiosks in the stations?

Yes, since the ban only applies to actually drinking. It is still permitted to drink alcohol inside bars or restaurants on station premises, of course.

How should I react if I feel bothered by other passengers drinking alcohol?

As with anything else which bothers you on our services, you can inform the transport company concerned by ringing from the call pillars on the station platform and requesting help if necessary.

The train driver can also be alerted over the intercoms in the train doors.

Bus shelters

Why isn’t there a bus shelter at every stop and why is the number of shelters limited?

The bus shelters in Hamburg are erected and maintained by a private company. They finance this via advertising. The number of shelters to be erected is regulated by the agreements in the contract between the company and the government of Hamburg.

When the wish is expressed or suggestions received to erect further bus shelters, a review is carried out. This is based on the number of passengers who get on there and the local options for erecting a bus shelter on the site. If the need is recognized, further bus shelters can be erected there.