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SemesterTicket Upgrade

No, the ticket can be used independently of the hvv App and is stored in the electronic wallet or as a digital ticket. You don’t need the hvv App for that. The hvv Deutschlandticket is not stored in the hvv App and cannot be displayed there, since the hvv App does not at the moment have the technically necessary functions for the digital hvv Deutschlandticket.

You don’t need a meinhvv account for the upgrade. You can access the Abo Portal via the link or QR code you get from your university or other institute of higher education. Every user can administrate their ticket there. You can still buy single and day tickets, monthly and weekly season tickets as well as upgrade, additional and supplementary tickets in the hvv App.

The hvv Deutschlandticket is valid as long as your subscription exists. The ticket will be automatically renewed as a webticket or in the electronic wallet when the current month expires.

Yes, the previous right to take other persons along (three children from 6 to 14) in the entire hvv network of the hvv SemesterTicket still exists. 

Depending on your operating system (Android or Apple iOS) or the type of storage  (electronic wallet or webticket), there are a number of ways to update the ticket. 


Android users are recommended to use the Google Wallet. As soon as the Google Wallet has been uploaded to your smartphone the QR code can be scanned. Alternatively, the link from your employer can be used again to save the ticket to the wallet. Then it will be automatically updated every month. 
If you use the Stocard App, you need to call up the QR code or link from your employer and save the ticket again. Important: you need to repeat this every month.

Apple iOS

Your personal settings on your iPhone might be preventing the update. In this context, you should check the flight and sleep modes and set the “Automatic updates” button in the Wallet App accordingly. You can find the option by clicking on the three-dot icon and then under “card details” 

A little tip: Sometimes it can help to switch the “Automatic updates” button off and the on again.


If the old (expired) ticket is still shown when you call up your ticket, the button „Back“  at the bottom at the end of the website may be able to help. The next screen should then show the current ticket, which you can then click on. It may take a moment before the new ticket is loaded.

You need to use the email address which is available on the smartphone you want to use the ticket with.  

No, please save the email. If you should lose your smartphone, you can then download the ticket again using the link. 

When you click on the link to the upgrade/digital ProfiTicket as a hvv Deutschlandticket, this will open as a webticket in the browser. The ticket displayed there can be saved as a bookmark ( with the icon on the start screen of the smartphone). By clicking on the browser settings (Android) or the „Share” symbol  (Apple iOS) the page can be added to the start screen/home screen. It can then be quickly accessed as long as you have an active internet connection.

An (electronic) wallet is a place where you store digital tickets, such as e.g.  boarding cards, tickets for local public transport or concert tickets. 

How do I install a wallet?

A wallet is pre-installed as standard on many smartphones e.g. on iPhones. For Android smartphones there are several wallet apps which can be used. We recommend the Google Wallet, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store.

How do I call the wallet up?

Like any other app, the wallet can be found on your start screen or home screen or in the menu (App Drawer) .
How does the ticket get into the wallet?
After you apply for the upgrade/digital ProfiTicket as a hvv Deutschlandticket,  you will find the prompt “Download to Apple Wallet“ or ”Download to Google Wallet” under the valid ticket. For this, of course, you need to have a wallet installed on your phone. The import of the ticket is organized slightly differently on each wallet, so please read the individual instructions carefully. 

I already have the ticket in a wallet app for Android or as a webticket. How can I save it in the Google Wallet / Pay if I want to later?

If your ticket is already saved in the Stocard Wallet or another wallet app for Android and you want to transfer it to the Google Wallet, this  can be done by simply scanning the QR code or using the link from your employer again. The ticket will then be displayed in your browser. The button „Add to Google Wallet“ can be found at the bottom of the page.

The ticket can be downloaded again by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.   

See: „What happens if I lose my smartphone?“

Alternatively, your wallet may be synchronized in a cloud and the ticket will be transferred to the new smartphone.

You can find information and FAQ about how to pay for the SemesterTicket upgrade at  https://kundenservice.logpay.de/faq. You can contact the customer service of our service provider by phone under 06196 8012 702 (Mon-Fri from 8 am till 6 pm) as well as by email at kundencenter@logpay.de

If you receive an error message while SEPA Direct Debit (Logpay), we would ask you to use another bank account. Please note that only domestic German bank accounts are accepted.

Payment via PayPal and credit card is available now. 

If you continue to have problems with payments, please get in touch directly by email with the service provider LogPay at kundencenter@logpay.de or phone 06196 8012 702 (Mon – Fri from 8 am till 6 pm).

During the registration procedure the details you gave us were sent to SCHUFA Holding AG for checking. Please make an enquiry about your data directly to SCHUFA Holding AG and correct them if necessary.  Alternatively you can also choose another payment method via PayPal or Credit Card.

If you have applied by mistake for more than one upgrade to the Deutschlandticket, you need to cancel all those subscriptions which you have purchased additionally so that you will not be charged for them in the next month. If you have only booked one upgrade and see more than one ticket in the system, this is a display error. Please send us an email in this case to: SBHH.Kundensupport@deutschebahn.com and we will take care of the matter.

Changing old ways of doing things is never easy and not everyone is able to use a ticket on a smartphone.  Nevertheless, more than 90 percent of people in Germany over 14 years of age meanwhile use a smartphone* and it is not difficult to use a digital ticket.

If you don’t have a smartphone, the SemesterTicket upgrade can also be issued on an alternative medium. In the hvv, you can buy the hvv Deutschlandticket e.g. as a 24/7 all-year season ticket from Hamburger Hochbahn AG (online at hvv-deutschlandticket.de or in a service centre) on a chipcard. 

*Verbrauchs- und Medienanalyse (VuMA) 2021

To cancel your all-year subscription, you need to be logged in to the Campus Portal. To log in, you can click again on the QR code or the link you received from your  the university or other institute of higher education or scan it. After logging in to the Campus Portal you then have the option to cancel your subscription. To do this, click on the ticket and then scroll down in the ticket till you reach the bottom. Click on the button "To cancel subscription" you will find there. After that you can choose the cancellation date.