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The new hvv

General questions

Climate change is the core challenge of our time. In order to make a difference here, a revolution in mobility is needed. In concrete terms that means: fewer private cars on the roads, and more public transport instead. It is from this idea that the “Hamburg rhythm” was born. Our vision: by 2030 a public transport option should be available to each and every inhabitant of Hamburg within 5 minutes, wherever they are. Of course, it need more than increased frequency to make a mobility revolution: it needs even better service, even simpler access to the system, even more closely integrated on-demand and vehicle share services, and in general a much more attractive public transport landscape. And a new marketing campaign is intended to underline the transition to an integrated mobility provider/association.

To win back passengers who stopped travelling with us or didn’t use us so often during the pandemic, we need an innovative hvv and a fresh look. The old logo developed in 1996 and the market presentation are much too long in the tooth for people to really believe we have the energy to innovate. The new hvv is raring to go and full of mettle, energy and optimism. And we are not going to let the pandemic slow us down!

Launching a new marketing design costs money, of course. The hvv has a budget for communication at its disposal which is set each year, for instance to advertise new service offers and tariffs. This year, the budget is mainly earmarked for the new marketing campaign. At the same time it will include maintenance and modernization work which would have to be done anyway. This affects first and foremost stops and stations, but also various electronic media.

The new market launch doesn’t affect the budgets for other areas such as the services on offer, safety or hygiene. 

Maßnahmen dieser Art wurden und werden auch zukünftig nicht über Fahrpreisanpassungen finanziert. Auch die Fahrpreisanhebungen der vergangenen Jahre stellten jeweils nur einen Inflationsausgleich dar und lagen unter der tatsächlichen Kostenentwicklung im hvv.

Our slogan, our colours and our logo

We see ourselves as part of the metropolitan region and the people who live here. We don’t just keep people moving – the people make us move. We want to improve all the time. For that, we want to get feedback from those we are moving. In that context, our slogan is also a call to participate actively in the process.

Here at hvv we would like to speak to our passengers as equals, that is why we are using the familiar “du”, because it is more personal and approachable. But when we speak to you directly, e.g. in our service centres or on the telephone hotline, we will of course be happy to use the formal “Sie”.

In essence we are still sticking to the familiar red colour scheme. But in order to enable greater diversity and emotion to be expressed, we have expanded our colour palette, adding mauve, blue and dark red. With this new colour scheme we want to give expression to our new approach and the new services offered by the hvv.

Our communication is more colourful now and the hvv logo looks rather different too. We are changing. Externally and internally.

In future, we want to expand our service palette even further, think mobility simpler and thrill you with even more innovative services and products. Sustainability is a crucial aspect of everything we do.  For Hamburg. For the region. For everything which keeps you moving.

With the new, lower case hvv logo, we are at eye level with our passengers. And the lettering is barrier-free, so that visually impaired people can also easily recognize the logo.   

The green arrow placed in front of the logo is the “signpost”. It symbolizes dynamism, mobility and movement, standing for the new hvv.

The new logo and the other features of the new design will be added to the nearly 10,000 stops and stations in the hvv as part of the regular programme of maintenance and upkeep. This helps to keep costs down and is the most efficient method. It is planned to have converted all of them by the end of 2022. 

Barrier-free access and functions

When the new corporate design was developed, the requirements for barrier-free access were factored in. Therefore recognizability, standardization and aligned ergonomic readability benefit all passengers. Above all, however, attention has been paid to the needs of visually impaired passengers.  

Alongside the basics such as logo, lettering and colour scheme, this concept is intended to cater as comprehensively as possible for the various contact points in the hvv.

In connection with the conversion of hvv.de some functions are temporarily unavailable. These will mostly be reactivated in the coming weeks, however.


Everything is new in the hvv: with immediate effect, our hvv Facebook site brings together the programmes of hvv, Hochbahn, S-Bahn Hamburg and Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) in a one-stop shop – why not look in! You can find up-to-the-minute information about our projects and everything concerning the hvv there.