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In and around Hamburg

Tickets - ProfiTicket


The ProfiTicket is the HVV “Jobticket”.
Professionals whose employers have concluded a Corporate Client Subscription programme can get the ProfiTicket well-priced price via their company. The ticket is normally issued to them there by the HR Department. That way you save time and don’t have to make an extra trip to pick up your ProfiTicket. Payment is cashless, the costs for the ProfiTicket are deducted every month at source from your salary.
If you already have a HVV subscription season ticket, you can simply exchange it for a ProfiTicket – this service is complimentary.
The ProfiTicket is valid from 12 am from the first day of the selected month when you will start your corporate client subscription. Your subscription expires with the end of service on the last day of validity. You will obtain a new ProfiTicket, if you do not disagree the terms and conditions. Your ProfiTicket is not transferable and is only valid in conjunction with a valid photo ID.

If you are already a ProfiTicket holder and have a question to us (e.g. "What do I do if I lose my ProfiTicket/have forgotten it and there was a ticket inspection?), please get in touch with the Corporate Client Service (Großkundenbetreuung) of S-Bahn Hamburg (we are responsible for client contacts with ProfiTicket customers in the HVV):
HVV-Großkundenbetreuung S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH
Hammerbrookstraße 44
20097 Hamburg
Tel.: 040/39 18-39 00
Fax: 040/39 18-39 23

ProfiTicket do not have a photo on them; that is why they are only valid in conjunction with a currently valid photo ID. The ProfiTicket becomes invalid if it is sealed into a laminated sheath.

At weekends (Saturdays 12 pm to Monday morning 6 am) and on bank holidays, you can take one other adult and three children (aged 6–14) with you free of charge. Family and friends will appreciate that! The ProfiTicket is valid within the entire HVV area (fare rings ABCDE) on weekends and bank holidays.

With a matching supplementary ticket you can travel on the entire HVV network (fare rings ABCDE) from Mondays to Fridays too. You can buy the supplementary ticket at a ticket machine or from the bus driver. It is only valid for a single journey. At weekends – Saturdays 12 am to close of services on Monday at 6.00 –  and bank holidays you can use the entire network (fare rings ABCDE) at no extra charge.

Just buy an upgrade ticket for 1st Class/Express bus (2,10 €) at a ticket machine or from the bus driver on top of your ProfiTicket, whether it is just for 2- or 3 rings or the entire network (fare rings ABCDE). The upgrade is valid for a journey in one direction; you can interrupt the journey, but you can only continue your journey in the same direction.

The ticket inspectors have got on and you don’t have your ProfiTicket with you – no worries. Tell the ticket inspector that you have a ProfiTicket. He will issue you with a notice to pay the increased fare of 60 €. Please contact the HVV Corporate Client Subscription Service (Großkundenbetreuung) Tel. 040/39 18-39 00 within four working days. We will clear things up in a jiffy and you only need to pay a handling fee of 3.50 €.

Notify the loss to your employer. They will have a pre-printed form for this and you will be issued with a new card by them. Your company decides whether they charge a fee for this. If notice has already been given that the ProfiTicket will be terminated, the declaration of loss can no longer be accepted.

If you were unable to use your ProfiTicket because you were confined to bed for a period longer than 21 consecutive days, the fare money for this time will be refunded. Just submit a medical certificate to the ProfiTicket contact person in your company proving that you were unable to use public transport or that, for instance, you were on an approved period of convalescent leave (except open convalescent leave), on rehab or were a stationary patient in hospital.
The fare money will be reimbursed in the form of a credit note for the next fare instalment to be deducted at source from your salary.

Inform your employer of your new name. They will you issue a new ProfiTicket free of charge and collect the old one.

When you receive your ProfiTicket, just hand in your “old” 24/7 subscription season ticket to the ProfiTicket contact person in your company. They will arrange for your old subscription to be cancelled. There may be a duplicate direct debit of the fare money for the subscr¡ption season ticket and the ProfiTicket in the month of the changeover. The excess fare money paid for the season ticket will be refunded to your bank account in the following month.

As an apprentice or trainee you are eligible for cut-rate fares for the ProfiTicket. To get this, fill out the HVV form proving your and hand it in to the ProfiTicket contact person in your company. The eligibility form will be sent to you together with the documents for your apprenticeship / traineeship by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Crafts (Handelskammer Hamburg or Handwerkskammer Hamburg). Blank forms can also be obtained at HVV Service Points. The eligibility form is only valid for a maximum of 12 months.

You can terminate your ProfiTicket by giving notice to the last day of any month to the ProfiTicket contact person in your company.
Perhaps another ticket might be an appropriate alternative for you (many are also available as subscription season tickets).

Your ProfiTicket must be returned to your employer on the expiry of the month
• in which your contract of employment ends
• to the end of which your ProfiTicket subscription was terminated
• to the end of which the ProfiTicket contract with your employer was terminated.
The ProfiTicket must also be returned if it is no longer possible to retain the fare money from your salary or that your continuation of payments is due to sickness not granted.

Don’t worry: you can still travel with HVV at a very favourable price if you are 63 or older and decide in favour of a senior citizen’s subscription season ticket. Just return the ProfiTicket to your employer and get your new subscription season ticket at any HVV Service Point. With it you can travel with HVV from 9 am till 6 am the following day Mondays to Fridays and all-day on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. Employees who are in the passive phase of a multi-year early retirement scheme can continue to use the ProfiTicket, provided that they receive a monthly salary from which the fare money for the ProfiTicket can be deducted at source. On option GKA extra and GKA plus is a monthly continuation of the transport allowances by your employer necessary.  

You must return your ProfiTicket to your company before you begin your parental leave. After the completion of your parental leave you can get the ProfiTicket again without any waiting period.

Then you can unfortunately no longer continue to use the ProfiTicket and must hand it in to your employer. For your consultation, you can continue to travel at a reasonable price with the HVV general 24/7 subscription season ticket with all the benefits which you previously had with the ProfiTicket.