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Tickets - ProfiTicket


The reduced-price ProfiTicket can be offered to people working in a company by their employer if the company has concluded a contract under the Corporate Client Subscription programme.

At the moment the ProfiTicket is issued on a simple plastic card. In the near future the existing contracts will be switched over company by company to an electronic form stored on a new solid carrier medium, the hvv Card. Ask in your company about the time of the changeover there.

The cost per month varies according to the subsidy paid by your employer and the area of validity of the ticket.  

Just give your ProfiTicket contact person a copy of your all-year season ticket when you receive your ProfiTicket from them. They will take care of cancelling the all-year subscription for you.

At weekends (Saturdays 0.00 till 6 am on the following Monday) and on public holidays you can take 1 other person and 3 children up to the age of 14 along with you free of charge. At weekends and on public holidays the ProfiTicket is valid on the entire network (fare rings A-H). 

N.B.: In fare rings F-H the hvv fare scale only applies on rail services on almost all routes.  hvv tickets are not valid here on bus services. You can find the different rules applying in individual administrative districts on the page “Anschlussfahrten” (in German).  

All employees who travel inside the entire hvv network can take advantage of the ProfiTicket. For employees who live in Schleswig-Holstein outside the area where the hvv fare scale applies and commute to a place of work inside the hvv tariff area – e.g. from Lübeck to Bad Oldesloe or from Kiel to Hamburg – we have additionally the NAH.SH job ticket (further information in German only). You can conclude a framework contract for the NAH.SH job ticket in addition to your hvv ProfiTicket contract. 

Our tip: Employers who already have a framework contract for the ProfiTicket from the hvv can offer their employees the NAH.SH job ticket starting from just one person who needs it.”

If you need to buy supplementary tickets, do this via the hvv App or with cash. It is unfortunately not possible to purchase additional tickets with your ProfiTicket on the hvv Card.

There are several options for apprentices/trainees:


Your employer participates in the costs with a subsidy. Please ask at the company where you are doing your trainee programme for more information.


The BonusTicket is an offer for apprentices/trainees in Hamburg as well as in the districts of Pinneberg, Segeberg and Herzogtum Lauenburg. Your employer participates in the costs with a subsidy. Please ask at the company where you are doing your trainee programme for more information.

All-year season ticket

Apprentices/trainees are also entitled to a reduced-price all-year season ticket.

The ticket inspectors get on and you don’t have your ProfiTicket with you? – No problem! Just tell them that you are a ProfiTicket holder. They will issue you with a notice to pay the penalty fare of 60 €, but don’t worry! If you contact the ProfiTicket Corporate Client Service under 040 - 3918 3900 within four working days we will clear things up in no time and you only need to pay a handling fee of 3.50€.

If your ProfiTicket is lost or is defective, report it to your employer. They will set up an application for a replacement ticket. Your company decides whether they charge a fee for this. Also please ask your employer in what form you will receive the replacement ticket (directly at work or by post). If notice has already been given that the ProfiTicket will be terminated, the declaration of loss can no longer be accepted. 

If you were unable to use your ProfiTicket because you were off sick for longer than 21 consecutive days, the fare money for that time will be refunded to you.
Just present a medical certificate proving this to the ProfiTicket contact person in your company. Reasons for a refund are:

  • if you were confined to bed
  • if you were hospitalised as an in-patient
  • if you were on an officially approved convalescent cure.

The fare money to be refunded will be set off against the next fare money debited from your salary.   

Changes to a ProfiTicket, e.g. a change of name or address, must on principle always be made via your employer. If you want to adapt the area of validity (the regular route you travel), they will issue you with a new ProfiTicket free of charge and call in your old ticket. 

You must return your ProfiTicket to your employer on the expiry of the month

  • in which your contract ends;
  • at the end of which you declare that you no longer wish to participate in the ProfiTicket programme;
  • at the end of which the contract  between your employer and hvv is terminated.

The ProfiTicket must also be returned if it is no longer possible to retain the fare money from your salary or if you are ill for so long that your salary stops being paid.

You will need to hand in your ProfiTicket in the company before you go on parental leave. After the period of parental leave ends, the ProfiTicket will be reactivated without any blocking period.

You can continue to travel on hvv services at favourable rates if you are 63 or older and decide to get an Senior Citizens 63+ season ticket. Just hand in your ProfiTicket to your employer.
Employees in the inactive phase of a part-time retirement scheme can continue to use the ProfiTicket. The prerequisite for this, however, is a monthly salary payment from which the fare money for the ProfiTicket can be retained. In the corporate client contract options GKA extra and GKA plus, a further requirement is that the contractually agreed subsidy to the monthly fare money also continues to be paid by the employer.  

In that case you can unfortunately no longer use the ProfiTicket and will have to hand it in to your employer. If that happens, we recommend getting an all-year 24/7 season ticket. With that, you can continue to use hvv services flexibly and at good value for money.

You can cancel your ProfiTicket as per the last day of any month. Just speak to the ProfiTicket contact person in your company.