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Komm gut nach Hause

In and around Hamburg

In and around Hamburg

Mobilty Advice for refugees

Practical advice for refugees

Do you work in a refugee centre or are you already involved in voluntary work helping refugees?
Our transport coaches will be happy to advise you - please arrange an appointment; we can also come to your workplace to give you an overview of the services HVV has on offer for refugees.

During our presentations, the participants get to know our different types of transport, are given an overview of the different kinds of tickets on offer and the information material about us. And of course that includes going out and about to see how it all works in practice and at the same time to get a glimpse of the sights that Hamburg and its surrounding regions have to offer.

A new feature is various rallies we have designed for adults and for children to explore the HVV network in a playful way.

We are here to help interested refugees in German, Pashto, Dari (Farsi), Urdu and English.

Become a voluntary coach

Would you like to become a transport coach on a voluntary basis? We are looking for people who would like to help. It would be ideal if you speak other languages besides German.
If you would like to apply, please get in touch with us.


Ms Faeqa Maschraqi will be happy to advise you by phone under 040/725 94-169 or by e-mail (weekdays only).