For refugees

Using trains and buses in Hamburg and surrounding districts

Welcome to the HVV – the Hamburg Public Transport Association.

We organize and operate the public transport services in and around Hamburg. We can get you where you want to go by bus, rail and ferry.

We have put together some information to tell you how the HVV works, where you can get tickets and who can help you if you have any questions.

For information about all aspects of the HVV all-year season ticket there is a special 5-language brochure "Get started: the HVV season ticket" available in German, English, Tigrinya, Arabic and Farsi.

Are you a refugee in Hamburg, Lower Saxony or Schleswig-Holstein?

According to where you are living, there are different methods to get a ticket:

  • Hamburg: registered refugees who have been allocated to Hamburg and are living in initial reception centres will be issued with the non-transferable Mobility Ticket for travel on the HVV.
  • Lower Saxony: please speak to the local authorities where you are living.
  • Schleswig-Holstein: please speak to the local authorities where you are living.

Your ticket

On the HVV you only need one ticket to use all our various different types of transport. You do not need to stamp or cancel the ticket before travelling. If you have a valid ticket, just get on.

Please keep it with you till the end of your journey or until you have left the station premises so that you can show it if asked to do so by a ticket inspector.

Please buy a ticket before you get on

Passengers who do not have a valid ticket must pay a fine of 60€ and may be reported to the police and charged with fare-dodging.


If you don't have a HVV Mobility Ticket, please make sure to buy a ticket bfore using our transport.
You can buy it either from the bus driver, ticket machines in one of our Service Centres, via the internet or via the HVV-App. 

Children under the age of 6 travel free of charge



Get on in front

Join in and help us speed things up

We have been asking passengers to only get on the buses at the front and show their ticket to the driver since March 2012. Getting on at the front helps to improve safety and cleanliness in the buses too, since passengers can no longer get on without being seen.

Start up front: please only get on at the driver’s doors and show your valid ticket without needing to be asked.

Get off through the middle or back doors: please move back through the bus and only get off through the middle or back doors. That way, people getting on and off no longer get in each other’s way.