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The ProfiTicket for companies

The Corporate Client Subscription programme (Großkundenabonnement GKA) is a contractual agreement between your company and HVV. Under this, your employees are eligible to obtain the HVV ProfiTicket, HVV’s Job Ticket, at a very favourable price.

The advantages für your company

Increase employee satisfaction

With the ProfiTicket you can save your employees up to 976 € a year compared with other HVV 24/7 season tickets.

You gain a competitive edge over other employers

In the competition for new employees the ProfiTicket is a plus which you can offer compared with other companies.

You are doing something to promote sustainability

By using public transport, you and your employees are promoting environmentally friendly mobility and your company can profit from the positive image which goes with it.

Save costs and make room

Having fewer cars around your company premises improves the parking situation – for employees as well as for visiting customers. In many cases you can even save the expense of having to rent space for a parking lot or you can put the space saved to other purposes.  

3 contract options

GKA 50

The Großkunden-Abonnement 50 programme (for short: GKA 50 (117,32 KB) ) is for companies with 100 or more participating employees. In addition, at least 50% of all employees in your company must use the ProfiTicket.

Our tip: Certain groups of persons, e.g. part-time workers, shift workers or the field staff, can be excluded from the calculation here. Get in touch with us – we will be happy to help you with your calculation.

GKA plus

In the GKA plus (99,52 KB)  programme, your company orders at least 100 ProfiTickets. As employer you subsidize each ProfiTicket with a monthly contribution towards the costs of at least 14.52 €.

GKA extra

With the GKA extra (96,44 KB)  programme, smaller companies can also order the ProfiTicket via one of our sales partners if they have 20 or more participating employees. As employer you subsidize each ProfiTicket with a monthly contribution towards the costs of at least 14.52 € and pay a small handling fee to the ProfiTicket sales partner of your choice.

N.B.: Due to the southward extension of the HVV area, HVV fare zone system (562,55 KB)  will cover fare rings A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H as of 15.12.2019. Your employees can choose between a ProfiTicket for 2/3/5/6/7 or 8 fare rings (entire network).

Why don’t you become a HVV Corporate Client too?

  • The ProfiTickets are ordered centrally and issued to your employees by you. The administrative work is kept to a reasonable minimum.

  • The monthly fare money for the ProfiTicket is simply deducted at source from the employee’s salary.

  • Employer subsidies to the ProfiTicket are completely exempt from income tax and social security contributions – however high they are!

  • The ProfiTicket is issued once a year, usually by the HR Department. No passport photo is necessary and the ProfiTicket is valid from the date of issue.

  • An electronic ProfiTicket with fare rings F / FG / FGH includes a photo.

  • Existing HVV all-year season tickets are exchanged by us for ProfiTickets free of charge. Your employees can immediately travel at the more favourable ProfiTicket tariff.

  • In order to simplify the introduction of the ProfiTicket in your company as much as possible, we have made these documents available for you to download:

Further information

Contract options

GKA 50 (117,32 KB)
GKA plus (99,52 KB)
GKA extra (96,44 KB)

Specimen contracts

Terms and conditions of use (116,73 KB)
General terms and conditions ProfiTicket (84,12 KB)

Further information

ProfiTicket: Privacy Notice (81,43 KB)
ProfiTicket: Minibrochure (870,50 KB)
FAQ on the ProfiTicket
Fare zone plan districts A - H (515,46 KB)

Thank you for your interest in the HVV ProfiTicket programme. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly. 

Corporate Client Advisory Team

Marlene Hüsing-Ahrend, Martin Sörensen
S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH
Hammerbrookstraße 44
20097 Hamburg
Telefon: 040/ 39 18 - 39 28
Telefax: 040/ 39 18 - 39 23