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The ProfiTicket for employees

The ProfiTicket is the HVV’s “job ticket”. You can benefit from a Corporate Client Subscription with as few as 20 HVV ProfiTicket users in your company.

Our tip: If you already have an all-year HVV season ticket, you can just exchange it for a ProfiTicket – that way you do not incur any extra charges.

Your advantages with the ProfiTicket

Take along Bonus

Between 01.09.2020 and 31.12.2020 inclusive, ProfiTicket holders can benefit from an extra bonus during the validity of their ticket: within the existing area of validity of their ticket, they can take along 1 other person and up to 3 children aged 6–14 at no extra charge from Mondays to Fridays starting at 11 am. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, this take-along bonus applies for the entire network, (fare rings A-H). Supplementary tickets on top of the season ticket and upgrade tickets for Sprinter bus/regional trains RB/RE are then valid for all those you take along under this ruling. As always, children under 6 travel free of charge anyway.

Save money – enhance mobility

You can save up to € 976 a year compared with an all-year season ticket.
You can use your ProfiTicket 24/7 in the area it is valid for – on all buses (except in fare rings F-H, rapid transit trains (U, S and A-Bahn), regional trains and harbour ferries on regular services.

On top of that, you also get special conditions with our carsharing partners or with StadtRad bike hire. That means you can be flexible and mobile at all times.  

Go easy on your nerves – protect the climate

Forget the hassle of traffic jams and looking for somewhere to park. You can read the paper on your journey and arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed. And you are actively helping to protect the climate.

One ticket – many users

At weekends (Saturday 0.00 to close of services on Sundays, i.e. 6 am on Monday morning) and on public holidays you can take 1 other person and 3 children up to the age of 14 along with you on your ProfiTicket free of charge. And every ProfiTicket is even valid for travel all over the HVV network on those days.

This is as easy as it gets

You can get a ProfiTicket direct from your ProfiTicket contact person at work. Payment for the fare money is cashless, the costs of the ProfiTicket are deducted from your salary each month.

N.B.: Employer subsidies to the ProfiTicket are completely exempt from income tax and social security contributions – however high they are!

Round about the ProfiTicket

Area of validity

Following the southward extension of the HVV area, it now consist of fare rings A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. Fare rings A + B comprise the Hamburg city area as well as a number of surrounding towns and municipalities.
As a ProfiTicket holder you can choose between a ticket for 2/3/5/6/7 or 8 fare rings, depending where you live and work. Study our fare zone plans ( districts (562,55 KB)  and USAR (374,18 KB) ) to see which fare rings you need.


  • In fare rings F – H the HVV fare system, and with it your ProfiTicket, is only valid on rail services.
  • The ProfiTicket is not transferable. It is only valid in combination with a currently valid passport or photo ID. The electronic ProfiTicket with fare rings F / FG / FGH already includes a photo.
  • with a 1st Class upgrade to your ProfiTicket, you can use the Sprinter buses and the 1st Class carriages on the regional trains RB/RE.
  • If you want to extend the validity of your ProfiTicket during the week, that’s no problem. Just buy the appropriate supplementary ticket for each journey, and you are free to travel up to fare ring F.

Period of validity

Employees can participate in the programme if their employer has signed up to a Corporate Client Subscription programme (GKA) for at least 12 months. ProfiTickets are issued as proof of participation in the programme. The passenger has the option of objecting to the renewal of their participation as per the last day of any month.

ProfiTicket prices

The price you pay for your ProfiTicket depends on the Corporate Client subscription (GKA) option chosen by your company. Just ask the ProfiTicket contact person at work or contact us.

Social Ticket

As a citizen of Hamburg, you can get a subsidy of 22,20 € per person and month towards the cost of HVV monthly and all-year season tickets as well as on the ProfiTicket from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg with the Social Ticket.

And this is how it works!

If your company already offers the ProfiTicket to its employees, just speak to the ProfiTicket contact person in your company. If your company does not offer the ProfiTicket yet, try to convince your employer of the benefits with the help of our Information on the ProfiTicket.

You can find further details in our FAQ ProfiTicket or just contact us in person: 040/39 18 39 28 or e-mail.