The ProfiTicket for employees

Zwei Personen mit ProfiCard in der Hand.The ProfiTicket is the HVV’s “job ticket”. Your company already qualifies for a Corporate Client Subscription programme if only 20 of your employees apply for a HVV ProfiTicket. The tickets are usually distributed at work via your HR Department. That saves time and the trip to pick it up.
There is no cash to pay, the costs for the ProfiTicket are deducted monthly from people’s salary. If you already have a HVV 24/7 all-year pass, it is simply exchanged for the ProfiTicket – it doesn’t cost you any extra. The ProfiTicket is not transferable and only valid in conjunction with a current photo ID. 

Advantages for employees

You save money
You can save up to 940 euros a year with a ProfiTicket compared with a HVV 24/7 all-year subscription season ticket.

You save time
With a ProfiTicket, there is no need to buy tickets over the counter. Payment is convenient and cashless direct from your salary account.

You relieve the stress on your nerves and on the environment
Forget standing in a traffic jam mile after mile (for hours) and the hassle of finding somewhere to park. You can read a book or a paper while you travel and arrive at your destination relaxed. And you are actively doing something to protect the environment.

You are always mobile
You can use your ProfiTicket 24/7 in the zones it is valid for – on all trains in the rapid transit system (U-/S-Bahn/AKN), regional trains (RB and RE), buses and the regular harbour ferry services.

And by the way...
If you are a holder of a Hamburg Sozialkarte, you get a monthly concession of 21,10 € on the HVV ProfiTicket from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. You can find more details about the Sozialkarte at www.hamburg.de/sozialkarte (new window).

Pluses with the ProfiTicket

Make more of your free time with HVV - 1+3 …
At weekends (Saturdays from 0am till Monday 6am) and on public holidays you can take 1 adult and 3 children up to 14 along – free of charge. So that your family and friends can enjoy themselves too. And on top of that every ProfiTicket is valid on the entire network (fare rings ABCDE) at weekends and on public holidays.

Get better rates when you drive by car with the HVV
And when you do need a car, you benefit from special rates from our cooperation partners in car sharing and car hire as a ProfiTicket holder.

Special rates when you hire a bike from StadtRad with the HVV
There are over 2,400 bicycles waiting for you at more than 200 hire stations in Hamburg and Lüneburg. As a ProfiTicket holder you get favourable special rates at our partners StadtRAD Hamburg and StadtRAD Lüneburg.

All about the ProfiTicket

Employees of a company whose employers have signed on for a Corporate Client Subscription for at least 12 months are eligible to take part in the Corporate Client programme (GKA). ProfiTickets are issued as proof of such participation. The cardholder has the option to object to his participation being renewed as per the last day of any month.

Validity – HVV tariff area
The HVV tariff area consists of five rings - A, B, C, D and E. Rings A + B consist of the city of Hamburg itself as well as a number of adjoining towns and country districts. (Rings should not be confused with zones!).

On the HVV tariff map, Rings A + B are marked in blue and represent the Area Hamburg AB. Ring C (yellow) goes out as far as Elmshorn, Lauenburg/Elbe, Aumühle/Friedrichsruh and Bargteheide/Kupfermühle.

ProfiCardAs a ProfiTicket holder you can choose between a ticket with 3 rings or one for the entire network (fare rings ABCDE):

Rings ABC
Rings BCD
Rings: CDE
fare rings ABCDE

With a subscription upgrade for First Class you can use the Express Buses and First Class compartments on the regional trains. Would you like to explore the entire network (fare rings ABCDE) during the week with your “3-Ring” ProfiTicket? No problem: just buy a supplementary ticket for 1-2 rings each way.

ProfiTicket pricing

The price you pay for your ProfiTicket depends on the Corporate Client Subscription variant your company has chosen. Just ask the ProfiTicket contact person at work.

And this is how it works!

The fastest way to get your ProfiTicket

If your company already offers the ProfiTicket, just get in touch with the ProfiTicket contact person at work. If you already have a HVV 24/7 all-year subscription season ticket, you can exchange it without any problem and at no extra cost for a ProfiCard.
If your company doesn’t offer the ProfiTicket yet, convince your employer that they should!