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Overview of Single and Day tickets

With the single tickets you get on, change lines, get off - and back on again! Anything goes as long as it is on the most direct route to your destination. Round trips and return journeys are not permitted, however. 

Buying your ticket

You can get single, day and group tickets in the Online Shop, via the hvv App or with your hvv Card with a discount of 7%. Or you can simply purchase tickets at a ticket machine or on the bus.

The online timetable info will show you the right ticket to get where you want. Just click on the link “Tariff Overview” in the search results screen.

Areas /
Fare zones
Single Ticket9 am Day TicketAll Day Ticket9 am Group Ticket

1–2 fare rings 

3,40 € 6,70 € 8,10 € 12,70 €

3 fare rings

5,50 € 10,60 € 12,40 €

19,60 €

4 fare rings

7,50 € 13,40 € 16,20 € 25,40 €

5 fare rings

9,10 €

17,20 €

20,20 €

26,90 €

fare rings A-F

10,80 €

19,90 €

24,00 €

27,90 €

Hamburg AB

3,40 € 6,70 € 8,10 € 12,70 €

9 am Day and 9 am Group tickets are valid Mon – Fri from 12 am to 6 am and from 9 am until 6 am the following morning, all day on Sat, Sun and public Holidays. With the day tickets 1 adult and up to 3 children aged 6-14 can travel all day on the same day. Up to 5 persons of any age can travel on the 9am group ticket for a favourable flat price. 

Tip: It is often worth buying the 9am day ticket even if you only travel twice that day, the 9am group ticket is often the best bet even if there are only two of you!

Single tickets only inside rings C-F (outside Hamburg AB)


Citycard 1,80 €

1 zone  (rings C-F)

2,40 €

2 zones  (rings C-F)

3,10 €

1 The Stadtkarte is valid in the municipal area of Buxtehude, Lüneburg and Stade as well as in Adendorf, Bad Bramstedt, Bad Oldesloe, Bad Segeberg, Geesthacht, Elmshorn, Mölln, Ratzeburg, Reinfeld, Schwarzenbek, Uetersen/Tornesch, Wahlstedt and Winsen (Luhe).

The 10x Day Ticket gives you maximum flexibility. Within the 30-day period you can use it, it allows you as many journey as you want a day in your chosen fare rings on 10 days you can choose yourself.

  • Valid for one person and non-transferable.
  • Purchase is only possible via the hvv App (you may need to re-install or update it).
  • The day on which you purchase the 10x Day Ticket is always the first day of use.
  • Any day tickets not activated within the 30-day period of use automatically expire.
  • Each day ticket is valid from activation until 6 am the following morning. 

Valid in

Price for 10 days use

Hamburg AB


Ringe A, B, C


Ringe A - D


Ringe A - E


Ringe A - F


Fares from: 18.10.2021

N.B.: An upgrade fare is required to use the Sprinter buses and the 1st Class on regional trains.

Other tickets



Upgrade ticket Sp bus/
1st class trains RB/RE (rings A-F)
valid for 1 journey (single and season tickets)
or for 1 day (day and group tickets)
2,20 €
Bicycle ticket RB/RE  (rings A-F)

valid for 1 day on regional trains RB/RE

3,50 €
Platform Ticket
valid for 1 hour at the station
where you bought it

0,10 €

Supplementary ticket

To travel outside the area of validity of your season ticket, you will need a supplementary ticket