The HVV Mobility Ticket

A ticket for refugees in the Hamburg city area

The HVV Mobility Ticket for registered refugees allocated to Hamburg in initial reception centres in Hamburg will be issued non-transferably to refugees when they are registered for the first time.

It is generally valid from the day of its issue for three months and entitles you to as many journeys as you like in Hamburg AB. The monthly costs of 29.40€ (for adults), or 14.70€ (for children aged 6-17) will be automatically deducted from your pocket money.

You receive information about the HVV Mobility Ticket at your initial reception centre.

With the HVV Mobility Ticket, refugees can get to public offices, doctors or language courses and information meetings and are able in general to travel in the city.

This ticket does not allow you to use any extras, such as taking along other persons with you or using the whole of the public transport network fare rings ABCDE at the weekend.

When you leave the Hamburg initial reception centres or if you start to receive benefits under the Social Security Code (SGB II or XII) you must return your HVV Mobility Ticket. From that point onwards you need to buy regular HVV tickets in order to travel.

Tickets for refugees in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein

Public transport such as buses and rail services can be used by everyone who has a valid ticket. Please speak to the local authorities where you live or the refugee aid organization near you to find out what is the right ticket for your needs.

Kaufen Sie eine Fahrkarte, bevor Sie einsteigen!
Please buy a ticket before you get on.