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Tickets for senior citizens

Tickets for senior citizens (63+)

For all those aged 63 and over, regular travel on the hvv gets cheaper. With a season ticket for senior citizens 63+ you can be out and about for a whole month all day, every day – and at a budget price.

Our tip: With a monthly season ticket, you can choose the first day it is to be valid yourself, e.g. from the 8th of a month to the 7th of the following month.

You can also get the season ticket for senior citizens 63+ as a supersaver all-year personal travel pass. This has many benefits: you save 20 % compared to a monthly season ticket. That means that you profit from the attractive annual subscription price even when you subtract holiday times when you don’t use your ticket. This ticket does not allow you to use any extras, such as taking along other persons with you or using the entire network (rings A-H) at the Weekend.

It‘s so easy!

If you already have a season ticket, but would like to travel in future on a season ticket for senior citizens 63+, you don’t need to cancel your old season ticket  – although it will not automatically be switched to a season ticket for senior citizens 63+ when you become 63. To switch over, just go into one of our hvv Service centres.

A personal travel pass with sticker
In our service centres you can also have a new personal travel pass issued together with the appropriate validity sticker. These will be sent to you by post a few days later.
Please remember to bring along a passport photo which shows you to advantage and your ID as proof of your age.

The electronic personal travel pass
Holders of an activated hvv Card can present it to have their season ticket for senior citizens 63+ saved onto their electronic personal travel pass in one of  our service centres. You can then renew the monthly season ticket you have chosen with your hvv Card at ticket machines equipped to do this.

The hvv App
You can also simply purchase monthly season tickets via the hvv App. To do this, you need to first register free of charge with meinhvv.

N.B.: As the user of a season ticket for senior citizens 63+, you must always be able to prove your age when asked.

Area of validity

Monthly season ticket for
senior citizens 63+
(price per month)
All-year season ticket for
senior citizens 63+
(price per month)
Saving with all-year
season ticket for
senior citizens 63+ per year1

1 fare zone
only outside Hamburg C-H

39,10 €

32,10 €

4 fare zones

65,80 €

54,00 €

6 fare zones

90,40 €

74,10 €

Hamburg AB

65,80 €

54,00 €

Hamburg AB + 2 fare zones

90,40 €

74,10 €

3 rings

90,40 €

74,10 €

5 rings

109,10 €

89,50 €

Entire Network

147,40 €

120,90 €

Upgrade ticket 1. class services RB/RE

27,70 €

22,80 €

1 as compared with the purchase of 12 monthly season tickets (normal price)

Upgrade fare for 1 journey

The upgrade fare for 1st class services RB/RE for 1 journey is 2.20 € (valid in fare rings A-F).

Supplementary ticket

To travel outside the area of validity of your season ticket, you will need a supplementary ticket

Purchase in advance

You can buy all season tickets up to 2 months in advance at our service centres, you can even buy the all-year season ticket from the comfort of your home online (in German).

Changing the area of validity

If you want to change the area of validity on your season ticket, please present it at one of our service centres.


Season tickets are not transferable.

Social Discount

As a citizen of Hamburg, you can get a subsidy of 23 € per person and month towards the cost of hvv monthly and all-year season tickets as well as on the ProfiTicket from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg with the Social Discount (in German).

Children under 6 always travel free of charge on hvv services!