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Tickets for apprentices and trainees

There are reduced-price monthly season tickets as well as the super-saver all-year season ticket for apprentices/trainees. And you get even greater value for money with the Bonus Ticket for apprentices/trainees, which can be subsidized by your employer.   

The monthly season ticket and the all-year season ticket for apprentices/trainees are valid for a defined period and within the area you have chosen. The BonusTicket for apprentices/trainees is valid for travel on the entire network  (fare rings A-H). These tickets do not include extra benefits such as the right to take other persons along with you at the weekend.

All season tickets and upgrades are valid till close of services on the last day of the period of validity printed on them.  Close of services is 6 am on the following morning.

When you buy a ticket for an apprentice/trainee you will need to submit a filled out entitlement form. This must be validated by the company where you are doing your apprenticeship/traineeship (and then by the relevant Chamber of Crafts or Chamber of Commerce).

Apprentices/trainees will automatically be sent the form (entitlement form) by post when their apprenticeship/traineeship contract has been officially registered by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Crafts, or they can otherwise get it at our service centres or via the our Infoline on 040/19 449. 

Area of validity

Monthly season ticket for apprentices and students
(price per month)
All-year season ticket for apprentices and students
(price per month)
Saving with all-year season
ticket for apprentices and students per year1

1 fare zone rings

40,10 €

32,90 €

2 fare zones

52,40 €

43,00 €

3 fare zones

73,30 €

60,10 €

4 fare zones

84,10 €

69,00 €

5 fare zones

105,90 €

86,80 €

6 fare zones

127,20 €

104,30 €

7 fare zones

148,90 €

122,10 €

Hamburg AB

84,10 €

69,00 €

Hamburg AB + 1 fare zone

105,90 €

86,80 €

Hamburg AB + 2 fare zones

127,20 €

104,30 €

Hamburg AB + 3 fare zones

148,90 €

122,10 €

4 rings

158,30 €

129,80 €

5 rings

168,20 €

137,90 €

6 rings

187,80 €

154,00 €

7 rings

191,00 €

156,50 €

Entire network

193,40 €

158,80 €

Upgrade ticket 1st class

55,40 €

45,60 €

1 compared with buying 12 monthly season tickets (standard price)

It is so easy – just a few steps to get your monthly season ticket

When you apply for a monthly season ticket for apprentices/trainees or an all-year season ticket without Bonus at our service centres you will already be issued with a provisional ticket which you can use to travel immediately. You will then receive your personalized hvv Card with your photo on it about 2 weeks later by post. By the way, the entitlement form for the reduced-price ticket must always be carried together with the ticket. Monthly season tickets for apprentices/trainees are valid for the calendar month printed on them from 0.00 on the first of the month till close of services on the last day of the month. 

Upgrade fare for 1 journey

The upgrade fare for 1st class services RB/RE for 1 journey is 2.20 € (valid in fare rings A-F).

Supplementary ticket

To travel outside the area of validity of your season ticket, you will need a supplementary ticket

Purchase in advance

You can buy all season tickets up to 2 months in advance at our service centres, you can even buy the all-year season ticket from the comfort of your home online (in German).

Changing the area of validity

If you want to change the area of validity on your season ticket, please present it at one of our service centres.


Season tickets are not transferable.

Social Discount

As a citizen of Hamburg, you can get a subsidy of 23 € per person and month towards the cost of hvv monthly and all-year season tickets as well as on the ProfiTicket from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg with the Social Discount (in German).