Tickets for school children (Schülerkarten)

The HVV has special tickets for all children in regular primary or secondary education at a public school. For all other schools, please ask in your child’s school secretariat or call the HVV Infoline on 040/19 449 to find out if the school is on the HVV list of verified eligible schools.

Personal passes for children’s tickets can only be issued and the stickers for them bought via the HVV service centres. In the surrounding regions of Hamburg, the arrangements for issuing these are sometimes different – if you have any questions concerning this, please speak to the secretariat at your child’s school. 

If the child is up to 14 years of age, the entitlement form (a pre-printed HVV form) only needs to be filled out once and then submitted at a HVV service centre to verify their age. They will then endorse the personal pass accordingly. It is only necessary to fill out a new entitlement form when your child reaches the age of 15. You can obtain the entitlement form at HVV service centres, or often in the school secretariat, or via the HVV Infoline on 040/19 449. It must be filled out and validated by the school. Please note that the entitlement form must always be carried together with the ticket.  

Our tip: you can get an additional ticket for siblings if a main season ticket for school children has already been bought for one child in the family. The additional ticket is then about 25 % cheaper.

Area of validity Monthly season ticket
(price per month in €)
Abo-Karte al year travel pass
(price per month in €)
Abo-Karte saving per year*
1 fare zone
only outside Hamburg AB
38,10 31,25 82,20
2 fare zones (only cross-district) 49,80 40,85 107,40
Hamburg AB 49,80 40,85 107,40
rural/urban districts 49,80 40,85 107,40
fare rings ABCDE 69,60 57,05 150,60
Upgrade ticket for SchnellBus limited stop/1. class services RB/RE 52,50 43,40 109,20

Fares from 01.01.2018

* as compared with the purchase of 12 monthly season tickets (normal price)

Additional ticket for siblings (Schüler Nebenkarte Geschwister)

Area of validity Monthly season Ticket
(Price per month in €)
Abo-Karte all year travel pass
(Price per month in €)
Abo-Karte saving per year*
1 fare zone
only outside Hamburg AB
28,80 23,60 62,40
2 fare zones (only cross-district) 40,50 33,20 87,60
Hamburg AB 40,50 33,20 87,60
rural/urban districts 40,50 33,20 87,60
fare rings ABCDE 60,30 49,40 130,80
Upgrade ticket for SchnellBus limited stop/1. class services RB/RE 52,50 43,40 109,20

Fares from 01.01.2018

* as compared with the purchase of 12 monthly season tickets (normal price)

Upgrade fare for 1 journey

The upgrade fare for Express bus/1st class on regional trains RB/RE is € 2,10 per journey (valid in fare rings ABCDE).

Supplementary ticket

You need a supplementary ticket for 1 journey outside the fare zones on your season ticket.

Period of validity

Monthly tickets for school children are valid for the calendar month printed on them from 0.00 on the first of the month till close of services on the last day of the month. Close of services is 6 am the following morning.

Buy in advance

You can buy all season tickets up to 2 months in advance at our service centres.

Changing the area of validity

If you want to change the area your season ticket is valid for, take it along to one of our service centres


Season tickets are not transferable.

The Social Ticket (Sozialkarte)

As a citizen of Hamburg, you can get a subsidy of 21.10 € per person and month towards the cost of HVV monthly and all-year season tickets as well as on the ProfiTicket from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg with the Sozialkarte.
To find out more about the Sozialkarte, visit www.hamburg.de (new window).

Tickets for school children up to 10th grade in Schleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen travelling in the HVV area

In the administrative districts of Pinneberg, Segeberg, Stormarn, Herzogtum Lauenburg, Stade, Harburg and Lüneburg, the district administration and the school boards will pay for tickets for schoolchildren up to 10th grade who need to travel a minimum distance** between their home and school. For relatively short distances, this is a 1-zone ticket for school children (only if this lies outside the zones Hamburg AB). If you need more than 1 fare zone, a ticket for schoolchildren will be issued which is valid in the entire rural district.

In the administrative districts of Herzogtum Lauenburg, Pinneberg and Segeberg, holders of tickets will be required to pay a contribution towards the cost of the ticket themselves. Details can be obtained from the authorities in the individual administrative districts.

A ticket for a school child consists of a personal pass (with a photo of the child) which is issued just once, and a sticker which is valid for 1 school year.  

Tickets are ordered and delivered via the school secretariats.  

There are 2 options if you want to travel over a wider area on a ticket issued by the school board:

  1. Just buy a supplementary ticket for individual journeys.
  2. If you travel more frequently outside the normal zones, you can buy a so-called SchülerPlusTicket at any HVV service centre, showing them your child’s ticket for school children. The SchülerPlusTicket is available as a monthly or all-year season ticket and is only valid together with the season ticket for school children.

** this falls within the discretion of the individual rural districts.

Leisure Pass

School is just around the corner, so that there is no point in having a monthly season ticket?  But it would be nice if you could use bus or rail to visit friends in the afternoons or to be as flexible as you like at weekends. You can be independent and save at the same time - our Leisure Pass makes it possible: you can get it from 15 years of age for only 8.00 € a month. It allows you to buy single or day tickets at the child’s price.

The Leisure Pass can be used after 2 pm on school days and all day at weekends, on public holidays and in the school holidays.

Bring along an entitlement form validated by your school and a passport photo. You need to always carry the entitlement form together with the ticket.