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hvv all-year season ticket with a trial period

Travel as often as you like, only pay once a month. It’s that simple with a hvv all-year season ticket.

And on top of that, you save some 20 % compared with a monthly season ticket for the same area and you can cancel it every month! Have a digital passport photo ready when you place your order.

So: what are you waiting for? 

Zero risk: Get started on all-year travel with a trial period!

You can sit back and relax while you test the hvv all-year season ticket for 3 months. If you then decide that’s not what you want, you can simply opt out. You won’t have to pay any extra. If you decide it’s what you are looking for, you don’t need to do anything, the all-year subscription will continue automatically.    

Your voucher code “PROBEABO-3” is already waiting for you in the Online Shop.