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U2/U4 – we are carrying out construction work

Construction work on the extension of the U4 in the east of Hamburg is in full swing. So that the U4 will be able to branch off towards Horner Geest later, HOCHBAHN is first of all building the infrastructure for an interchange at Horner Rennbahn station and will then connect the new tunnel to the existing U-Bahn network. Horner Rennbahn station must unfortunately remain closed during this extensive construction work.

Closure between Rauhes Haus and Legienstraße until April 2024

The U4 will run between Elbbrücken and Burgstraße Mondays to Fridays from 6.30 am till 9 pm and Saturdays from 10.30 am till 9 pm. Outside these times, it will only run between Elbbrücken and Jungfernstieg.

The best alternatives:

  • A direct bus service will run – a longer route than just the closed stretch of track – without stopping from U-Bahn Rauhes Haus to U-Bahn Billstedt and back. You can change to the U2 quickly and easily at both stations. 
  • In addition, replacement buses will run between Rauhes Haus – Horner Rennbahn – Legienstraße. The replacement buses will also serve the bus stop “Bauerberg”.
  • Bus lines 23 and 213 provide a connection to the U-Bahn at Wandsbek Markt station towards the City Centre and back.
  • If you want to catch the S- and U-Bahn at Wandsbeker Chaussee station, please use the XpressBus lines X61 and X65.
  • Tips for cyclists: The well-developed cycle route Veloroute 8 (in German) runs alongside the stretch of track to be closed. We have put together a compact overview of further information about taking your bike on board our services as well as on StadtRAD bike hire points (you get the first 30 minutes free).

Please note that there are parallel closures of the S-Bahn S1/S11 between Ohlsdorf and Berliner Tor from 13 to 27 July 2023.

All your mobility options at a glance:

Our Timetable Information shows you how you can continue to get where you want to go without any hassle during the closures.

Following the closure, it will be necessary for about a year to change from the old to the new station at Horner Rennbahn in both directions (the way is barrier-free).

More U-Bahn services for the east of Hamburg

The U4 to Horner Geest is an important element in the mobility revolution: the U-Bahn network is being expanded to cope with the rising volume of traffic in a growing city and to ensure mobility for coming generations. With the extension of the U4, more than 13,000 people will be newly connected to the rail network in Hamburg.

And even more is in the offing for Hamburg’s east: HOCHBAHN is going to automate the U2/U4. That means that a U-Bahn will come every 100 seconds!  As soon as one train has left the station, the next one will enter it. That means no need to hurry to catch your train. The technical prerequisites for automated operation are already being created by the HOCHBAHN project U-Bahn100.

You can find all you need to know about the background to these two projects at HOCHBAHN: