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The upgrade for students

Semesterticket + subsidy = Deutschlandticket

Many of you studying in Hamburg have the option to get an attractively priced upgrade of your SemesterTicket to a Deutschlandticket via your university or institute of higher education.

Here are the conditions for the upgrade to the Deutschlandticket

  • people studying in Hamburg can get the  Deutschlandticket with a top-up payment of € 18.20 or € 17.67 a month (depending on your institute of higher education). 
  • It is then valid all over Germany.
  • It is a digital ticket on your smartphone as an all-year subscription 
  • You can cancel it monthly.
  • With immediate effect, students can now book the SemesterTicket upgrade at any time during the month (not only up to the 5th of the month). The ticket will then be charged as for the whole month, not pro rata, and is valid till the  end of the current month. That means that if you book the upgrade, for instance, on 28.05.2023, it is valid till 31.05.2023 and will cost the full upgrade price of € 17.67 or € 18.20.
  • If you want to cancel the ticket, you must do it up to the 10th of the preceding month.  
  • The classic SemesterTicket you already know will still be available (including the right to take up to 3 children aged 6 to 14 along on the entire hvv network). 

Important to know: the Deutschlandticket upgrade for students is only valid in combination with a  currently valid SemesterTicket and some form of photo ID.  

And this is how to get the Deutschlandticket upgrade on your smartphone

Any other questions? We will be happy to help by phone from 8 am - 4 pm. You can reach us under 040/39 18 39 00 or by email.