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In and around Hamburg

Moin new website, hope they’ll like you!

We’re moving into high gear

It’s not only our new website that’s on track to get where it’s going, but you too – every time you use it. For us, that means giving you a state-of-the-art new website, even if the old one was dependable over a long time.

To make it easier to find your way around so that you don’t lose track of what we are saying and take a wrong turning we have mostly only given our services a “new look”.

These are the highlights to bring you up to speed with no delays on hvv.de:  

  • You can find timetable info just as before on the start page – and now also on the subpages. The new feature is that you can always view other departures in future from a specific stop/station. You can also now use really all the website functions from your smartphone when travelling.
  • You will find the navigation for the new website on the left now so that we can place our contents where you can get a better overview of them. They are sorted in a menu as before.
  • With the new breadcrumb navigation on the subpages you can see where you are at the moment and can even use it to jump directly to another page in the same category.
  • We have recently made a lot of additions to our English website. MeinHVV is also available now in English.
  • We have replaced our old contact form [LINK] with a new one. Please enter all the information needed so that we can respond to your enquiry faster.
  • You can now find the nearest service centre or sales office on an easy-to-use map.
  • The key figures about HVV are now on a special page.
  • On top of that, we will now present selected projects that might interest you

Our timetable info

You can find timetable information [LINK] as before under Timetables / Timetable info / Connections on the menu. Other new functions are:

  • if you enable cookies, we will save your last 5 start/destination inputs. These will be suggested when you want to dial up a start/destination.
  • You can now switch your start and destination around by a simple click. That is the easiest way to find the return journey.
  • Starting now, we will suggest 5 different connections for your search enquiry.
  • You can also view the connection you choose on the map in the header of the page. That way you can see the whole route.
  • In the search result we will summarize all the other information you need for your connection in a clear overview:
    - interim stops
    - real time updates
    - ways on foot on a map
    - timetables at specific stops/stations
    - next departures at a stop/station
    - bus/rapid transit line timetables
    - information on the stops/stations
    - "fare system overview” for your connection will appear
    - With the “tariff assistant” you can see how tickets you already have, e.g. your season ticket, can affect your choice.
  • We have replaced the old address book by the normal internet favourites.

We hope you will like it as much as we do! Click around a bit to get to know the new website.

Of course, nobody is perfect. If you find a mistake somewhere, we are always happy to get constructive criticism. Just send us an e-mail.