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Your all-year ticket - your hvv Deutschlandticket

Your all-year season ticket costs more than € 49

This is how things will change for you now: if your all-year season ticket costs more than € 49 it will be automatically switched over to the  reduced price. You don’t need to do anything and you profit from the advantages: 

  • the price: € 49 a month as an all-year season ticket*
  • valid on local and regional services in 2nd class all over Germany  
  • valid for one person. Children under 6 travel free of charge as before
  • cancellable monthly

Our tip: Compiled further information (in German) for school studentsapprentices/trainees and students.

Your all-year season ticket costs less than € 49 

If your all-year season ticket at the moment is cheaper and runs till after summer, we can offer you the following alternatives:

For all those who only travel in the hvv area or only travel occasionally, we have attractively priced weekly and monthly tickets valid on the entire hvv network:

Valid for

Weekly ticket
(price per week)

Monthly ticket
(price per month)

(as an all-year season ticket,
price per month)*

Entire network

29,00 € 69,00 € 49,00 €

Upgrade 1st class RB/RE


47,20 € 47,20 €

Weekend+ Ticket**  

15,00 € 15,00 € 15,00 €

**With this, you can take 1 person and 3 children with you at weekends and on public holidays (on the entire hvv network).

And this is where you can get your ticket

Our tip: Do you have any further questions? We have the answers.

*If you get the social discount, you pay € 49 minus the discount.