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The Hamburg Public Transport Association

One ticket, one pricing system and one integrated network of public transport services – these are the advantages of a transport association and this is the watchword for all our activities.

The German Federal states and the local administrative districts, which are charged as the competent public transport authorities with organizing and financing public transport in their areas, set up Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (hvv) GmbH to implement this task.

Today, we are responsible for managing the entire palette of local public transport on behalf of three federal states, eight administrative districts and almost 30 public transport operators. That includes all services by bus, harbour/river ferry and rapid transit - (U-, S-, A-Bahn) or regional rail (R-Bahn).

The organisation of local public transport

Organisation of public transport in the hvv service area is based on the Triple-Level Model.

  • Political level

    Public Transport Authorities/Purchasers

    Ensure an adequate supply of public transport services for the population. Responsible for funding the public transport services supplied on their territory

  • Guidance level

    Hamburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH

    Manages public transport services for the Public Transport Authorities. Coordinates the transport operators affiliated in the Association

  • Manage-ment level

    Transport operators affiliated in the Association

    Operate the public transport services and customer service (operative tasks)

Our range of activities

As the guidance and management agency for local public transport hvv GmbH is involved in a wide range of activities. These include planning the service offer, organizing the fares structure, ticket sales, marketing, and financing of service performance provided by the operators.