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Lost and Found

Lost-and-found items

Some 25 transport operators run services for you in the hvv, and they have different methods of handling items lost and found on buses, trains or the harbour ferries.

Use our search to find the right contact person for you.

Hamburg Central Lost-and-Found Office

If the item you lost has not been handed in to the transport company you lost it on, try making an enquiry at the Hamburg central lost-and-found office (Zentrales Fundbüro der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg).

Quartier Bahrenfeld, House 06
Luruper Chaussee 125
22761 Hamburg

If your loss was some time ago

If the person you speak to is unable to help you, please use the Fundservice der Deutsche Bahn AG. Deutsche Bahn has its own lost-and-found offices and is also responsible for the Hamburg S-Bahn.