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hvv M – the mobility budget

The most flexible mobility package of all time for Hamburg’s companies

The optimal benefit to help you make your employees even more satisfied and score real points in the battle to get new talent on board.

With hvv M you offer your employees the most flexible mobility package of all time. With the mobility budget you are making a digital budget available to your employees which they can use individually to get to work or for private trips. It all functions via the hvv switch App. 

This is mobility in and around Hamburg at its best, with all tickets for hvv public transport services, the Deutschlandticket and many more mobility options such as SIXT share, MILES, MOIA, SHARE NOW, Voi and TIER.

Even more advantages, an even better feeling

  • Maximum flexibility and individualized travel
  • Public transport, car sharing and micromobility – all in one product!  From hvv any up to the Deutschlandticket
  • a digital budget from the employer for satisfied workers
  • Many mobility options in the entire hvv area
  • Full transparency and complete control over your transport costs, you can see at any time what your remaining budget is 
  • Employees can plan, book and administrate individually, all in one app
  • Clearly presented in the hvv switch App
  • All of this is secure and data privacy compliant

Even easier

Many roads lead through Hamburg, the simplest takes you to hvv M. Get started now and offer the mobility budget as a way for your employees to pay in the hvv switch App.

For more details click here to hvv M (in German).