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In and around Hamburg

In and around Hamburg

Tickets - general information

Tickets - general information

HVV tickets are sold by the individual transport companies in the association (printed on the ticket – "Ausgegeben durch .../ issued by …..”)

For many tickets, the transport companies affiliated to the HVV take advantage of the option of simplified requirements for tickets offered under §34 of the Turnover Tax Implementing Regulation (UStDV). This states that the tax rate does not need to be shown if the journey is offered at the reduced VAT rate. That means that if no VAT rate is indicated on a HVV ticket, it always means that only the reduced VAT rate (7%) can be deducted as input tax. If the VAT rate is indicated on the ticket by the issuing company this is of course the rate which applies.


To get price information conveniently for the route and date you wish to travel, just call up -> timetable information.

In the results screen you then have the option under the fare price to call up a “Fare zone plan” with information on all fare zones, single and day tickets, monthly and all-year season tickets. Or you can select the “Tariff assistant”. With this you can carry out a search for group tickets or for season ticket holders.

Under our header “Tickets” you will find a short description of all tickets and can view all the prices under the various menu items. On the buses, our bus drivers will tell you what price you need to pay for your journey. At the stops/stations, the ticket machines will show what ticket you need to buy when you enter your destination. The line information notices posted at bus stops will also show you up to which stop a particular fare applies.

Penalty fare

Penalty fares are charged in a number of different cases on HVV services. You can find an exact overview in the currently valid version of our HVV Communal Tariff (Gemeinschaftstarif, 2,8 MB). This document ist only available in German language.

Fare zones

Hamburg AB comprises the city of Hamburg plus several surrounding towns and administrative districts. On the fare zone overview, those are rings A + B.

Fare rings ABCDE include the city of Hamburg and the adjoining administrative districts of Herzogtum Lauenburg, Pinneberg, Segeberg and Stormarn in Schleswig-Holstein as well as the administrative districts of Harburg, Lüneburg and Stade in Lower Saxony.

Tickets for which you need an entitlement form

Students who have not yet received a SemesterTicket when the semester begins should contact the secretariat at their university or college. In any case, however, you need a valid ticket to be able to travel on HVV services.