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Social discount

Price reductions on monthly and all-year season tickets

You are entitled to the social discount on tickets if you are in receipt of basic subsistence benefits1 and live in City of Hamburg. This social discount entitles you to get reduced-price hvv season tickets. 

With a completely filled out hvv Sozialrabatt Bestellformular (2.16 MB)  (in German) which you can print out yourself and by presenting an official identification document you can buy monthly and all-year season tickets at a monthly discount of € 30,00 in one of our hvv service centres. Please note that when you buy monthly season tickets, you will need to present the order form every time you do so. Alternatively, you can obtain the order form from the offices of Jobcenter team.arbeit.hamburg and the specialized offices for basic social security assistance (Grundsicherung) and social affairs (Fachämter für Grundsicherung und Soziales) or in the Social Services Centres (SDZ) at the local district council offices (Bezirksämter) as well as in the HVV service centres. 

You can find a detailed description of how we treat your personal data on our web page data privacy.

1 Unemployment benefit II or income support under the Social Code (SGB) (Arbeitslosengeld II or Sozialgeld), social assistance (Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt) according to Chapter 3 of Book XII of the Social Code (SGB), basic subsistence income (Grundsicherung) for the elderly and for persons with reduced earning capacity under Chapter 4 of Book XII of the Social Code (SGB) or benefits according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz)).