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24-7 season tickets

Weekly and monthly season tickets at budget prices

The take-along bonus

Between 01.09.2020 and 31.12.2020 inclusive, season ticket holders can benefit from an extra bonus during the validity of their ticket: within the existing area of validity of their ticket, they can take along 1 other person and up to 3 children aged 6–14 at no extra charge from Mondays to Fridays starting at 11 am, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays all day. Supplementary tickets and upgrade tickets for Sprinter bus/regional trains RB/RE are then valid for all those you take along under this ruling. As always, children under 6 travel free of charge anyway.

With the monthly season tickets and the integrated upgrades for Express bus/1st class in the regional trains RB/RE, you can choose the first day it is to be valid yourself, e.g. from the 8th of a month till the 7th of the following month.

Children under 6 always travel free of charge on HVV services!

The supersaver all-year season ticket

You can save up to 20% with an all-year season ticket compared to a monthly season ticket, and it even pays when you factor in holiday times when you don’t use it.

If you have an all-year 24/7 season ticket1 you can travel the entire network (rings A-H) on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, irrespective of the normal area on your season ticket and take 1 person and 3 children aged 6 to 14 with you free of charge, for instance for a trip on the River Elbe with the harbour ferries.
Children under 6 always travel free of charge on HVV services!  

1 this does not apply to reduced-price concessionary all-year 24/7 season tickets (for schoolchildren, apprentices/trainees and students or senior citizens) as well as to all-year off-peak season tickets or monthly season tickets.

Buying your ticket

You can order weekly 24/7 season tickets and all-year 24/7 season tickets directly online (in German) and please have a photo ready for this.

You can buy weekly and monthly season tickets in the HVV App or download them onto your  HVV Card using the purchase function.

Of course, you can also buy all tickets as well at our service centres. Please bring along a photo of yourself which you like. 

The online timetable info will show you the right ticket to get where you want. Just click on the link “Tariff Overview” in the search results screen.

Area of Validity

Weekly 24/7 season ticket
(price per week)
Monthly 24/7 season ticket
(price per month)
All year 24/7 season ticket
(price per month)
Saving with
24/7 all year season ticket per year1

1 fare zone
only outside Hamburg C-H
13,90 € 53,10 € 43,50 €

2 fare zones

18,20 € 69,40 € 56,90 €

3 fare zones

25,40 € 96,80 € 79,50 €

4 fare zones

29,20 € 111,20 € 91,10 €

5 fare zones

36,70 € 139,80 € 114,70 €

6 fare zones

44,20 € 168,30 € 138,00 €

7 fare zones

51,70 € 196,80 € 161,40 €

Hamburg AB

29,20 € 111,20 € 91,10 €
Hamburg AB
+ 1 fare zone
36,70 € 139,80 € 114,70 €

Hamburg AB + 2 fare zones

44,20 € 168,30 € 138,00 €
Hamburg AB
+ 3 fare zones
51,70 € 196,80 € 161,40 €

4 rings

55,00 € 209,20 € 171,60 €

5 rings

58,40 € 222,40 € 182,20 €

6 rings

65,20 € 248,10 € 203,50 €

7 rings

69,50 € 264,30 € 216,80 €

Entire network

72,00 € 274,10 € 224,80 €

Upgrade ticket Express bus/ 1st class trains RB/RE

14,20 € 53,90 € 44,40 €

1 compared with buying 12 monthly season tickets (standard price)

Upgrade fare for 1 journey

The upgrade fare for Sprinter bus/1st class services RB/RE for 1 journey is 2.10 € (valid in fare rings A-F).

Supplementary ticket

To travel outside the area of validity of your season ticket, you will need a supplementary ticket

Changing the area of validity

If you want to change the area of validity on your season ticket, please present it at one of our service centres.


Season tickets are not transferable.

Purchase in advance

You can buy all season tickets up to 2 months in advance at our service centres, you can even buy the all-year season ticket from the comfort of your home online (in German).

Social Ticket

As a citizen of Hamburg, you can get a subsidy of 22,20 € per person and month towards the cost of HVV monthly and all-year season tickets as well as on the ProfiTicket from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg with the Social Ticket.